Happy Birthday Bob!
Submitted: February 05, 2014

Happy Birthday Robert Nesta Marley!
February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981

Today is Bob Marley’s birthday and to celebrate we've gathered only the most interesting facts about the early life of the legend we know today.

• Born February 6, 1945 to a young 18 year-old Cedella Marley in Nine Miles, St. Ann
• Bob moved to the capital of Jamaica (Kingston) before he was 16. He moved to a neighbourhood called Trench Town which was a key muse for most of his early music
• He earned the nickname Tuff Gong for his impressive street-fighting skills
• At 14 Bob quit school and took on a welding apprenticeship at his mother’s wish. After suffering from a steel splinter to the eye Bob quit welding and promptly went on to pursue his musical career
• The Wailing Wailers’ first hit “Simmer Down” sold 80,000 copies in Jamaica
• After their first hit the group disbanded briefly and Bob moved to Delaware to be with his mom and took a job as a lab assistant
• After moving back to Jamaica he started a label/record company with Bunny Wailer (Neville Livingston) and Peter (Macintosh) Tosh and set up shop on his aunt’s front yard
• It was 1976 when Bob had gained true stardom and was known internationally as a spokesperson for the Rastafarian culture and beliefs. This was also due to his release of “Rastaman Vibration” which his #8 on the Billboard Top 200 list (the first of his albums to do so)
• There was an assassination attempt made on Bob’s life while he was rehearsing for his free “Smile Jamaica” concert. The concert was set up in hopes of suppressing simmering tensions between Jamaica’s rivaling parties – the People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)
• Bob did the concert anyways :)
• He received the Medal of Peace in New York on June 6, 1978 for his attempts to bridge the divided parties
• In 1980 Bob and the Wailers were asked to perform at Zimbabwe’s official Independence Ceremony, the group gratefully accepted not knowing the concert was meant only for specific media and political groups. A riot started outside the concert when Bob began his set. The group left but Bob remained firmly onstage and performed “Zimbabwe” while the crowd rioted.
• Bob and the Wailers went back the following night and performed a free concert for almost 80,000 people

These are just some of the awesome facts about this man. Happy birthday Bob, and thank you for all the love and peace you have spread! ♥☮Read more

Peace Pipin' for the Holidays
Submitted: February 05, 2014

Top 10 Smokin’ Presents for your favourite Puff Buff!

10. Grunge Off! Nothing like some clean glass for the ultimate, smooth smoking experience. Plus it makes your piece shine in all its glory :).

9. Grinders! We have grinders coming out our… well you can imagine. Grinder cards, 2 piece, and 4 piece grinders are all available in a variety of colours. Forget battling it out with those scissors and make life easy for your puff buff.

8. Papers and rolling machines! For those who like to kick it old school, and those who have not quite mastered the art of rolling, because believe those of us who can not roll… it is an art form.

7. Dime bags - these are a perfect gift for smokers and nonsmokers alike. Made from hemp/polyster (hempster) material these bags are freakin’ comfy, stylish, and equipped with a secret smell-proof stash pocket (not that we would ever have a reason to use it, right?).

6. Bowls & stems! This is especially great for those who like variety, or just have a slight breakage problem. They’ll be sure to love you when their bowl breaks and a back up is readily available.

5. Have a friend who hates the winter and has to smoke outdoors? Smoke Buddies to the rescue! Trust us when we say these guys stop smoke right in its tracks, nothing can get through their barrier! Available in Original and Junior travel size.

4. Herbie's acrylics! Once again – definitely a good call for those with that slight breakage problem, these guys are quite a bit more durable than their glass counterparts. You can also customize and build your own, for a more personal and creative gift!

3. Does your puff buff dabble in concentrations? We have more rigs, glass nails, titanium nails, dome-less nails, domes, dabbers, dishes, and torches than we know what do to with!

2. A glass water pipe! Like, duh! Best gift ever? Well other than #1 we think so. We have all kinds, from affordable to collectible, sliding to glass-on-glass. Make your buff’s holiday the best one yet, and maybe next year they will return the favour ;).

1. Vaporizers! Same great smoking experience minus the smell, thick smoke, and tar! Help your puff buff bring in the New Year with a healthy kick! We have you covered for both tabletop and portable vapes. We are pretty sure if you bought us a vaporizer for Christmas we would be obligated to love you forever!

We hope this helped you scratch that Puff Buff off your shopping list! Have a smokin' Holiday Peace Pipers, from all of our staff and management!Read more

Spring Breakers
Submitted: March 01, 2014

Good Glass Gone Bad

Peace Pipers – do you want less break in your Spring Break? We here at the Peace Pipe want to give you some tips on how to prevent that horrible glass-shattering sound of a piece falling apart. These are just some of the preventative measures you can take:

PUT IT AWAY! Buying a case and having a specific storage spot for your piece will guarantee no breakage. Cases can be used for storage when it’s not in use and are awesome for travel. Also - always make sure you put your glass in a safe, secure place where it won’t easily be knocked over by a clumsy friend or a curious pet. Dropping glass, or even just putting it down too hard on a solid surface can weaken its properties and will cause eventual breakage. Make sure everyone using your piece is aware of all the moving parts before handing it over. Anyone who isn’t used to handling certain glass pieces won’t know exactly where to grab and what to avoid grabbing. This can lead to unfortunate events.

K-Clips are another awesome option to help avoid downstem and bowl breakage. Use a clip to hold your stem in place - this way if the bowl ever does stick to the stem and tries to take the stem out with it the clip will be in place to hold the stem down. Another useful tool is Slide Right – meant to help avoid grinding glass and frozen joints.

When transporting your glass always remember to pack it appropriately. Water pipe bags are great for travel, providing cushion for the glass from all angles. Even keeping the bubble wrap your glass originally came in is a great idea for transportation. Keeping the down stem in place with a piece of tape is safer than packing it separately. The bowl will need to be removed and wrapped properly.

Before purchasing your glass piece do some research! Get to know the brands you're looking for as some are known for their high quality of glass where others lean towards being more cost effective. There are differences in types of glass and thicknesses of glass. Less costly water pipes and hand pipes will be made out of a softer glass than the more expensive Pyrex pieces. Also the most common thicknesses of glass are 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm (being the thickest and least likely to break). These are all things you can discuss with our sales associates before buying your new piece!

When cleaning your glass – ensure you have enough working room to lay each piece out properly without any of them rolling off the surface. Never use boiling water when cleaning as the sudden change in temperature will weaken your glass and make future breakage more likely. Instead using Grunge Off or another similar cleaner that will be just as effective as boiling water without any weakening. Always make sure you have a firm grasp on whatever piece you’re cleaning, some of the glass cleaners (or just water itself) can make the glass very slippery.

When it comes to concentrations and using domes, nails, dabbers, etc. remember that titanium will always be stronger than glass. A glass nail has to withstand being heated and cooled down numerous times and will eventually break. A titanium nail can handle being heated to red-hot temperatures without a problem (and it actually does turn red, indicating when it’s hot and ready for use).

Hopefully these tips help you have an amazing break-less break ;).

Happy Spring Break from all of us at the Peace Pipe!Read more

We've Got Herbies!!!
Submitted: February 05, 2014

To say we've got Herbies is an understatement. We’re down right infested. When finding inspiration for our much needed basement update three words came to mind. FUN, FUNCTIONAL and AFFORDABLE. What better brand logo would help us uphold this then the ever so cheeky Herbie himself. Generally our basement holds a large array of “overseas” water pipes, A.K.A. made in china. Our most affordable tubes lay beneath our main floor. What was once flooded with Acrylics is now a gallery of cheaper glass, hookahs, and the odd ceramic. Brands like Nice Glass, Retro and Genie stock our cases and hopefully provide you with options when it comes to spending. Although you may be saving a buck or two, realizing the sacrifice in quality is something to make note of before you lay down your dollars. As “overseas” brands like Hoss and Bent steal a lucrative chunk of the market Herbies Acrylics stay true to their “Canabian” roots. From their design and manufacturing to their parts and accessories, even their acrylic itself is made and constructed right here is Canada. For that we choose Herbies to be one of our most proud and patriotic brands. So grab your buds and come check him out.Read more