We've Got Herbies!!!
Submitted: February 05, 2014

To say we've got Herbies is an understatement. We’re down right infested. When finding inspiration for our much needed basement update three words came to mind. FUN, FUNCTIONAL and AFFORDABLE. What better brand logo would help us uphold this then the ever so cheeky Herbie himself. Generally our basement holds a large array of “overseas” water pipes, A.K.A. made in china. Our most affordable tubes lay beneath our main floor. What was once flooded with Acrylics is now a gallery of cheaper glass, hookahs, and the odd ceramic. Brands like Nice Glass, Retro and Genie stock our cases and hopefully provide you with options when it comes to spending. Although you may be saving a buck or two, realizing the sacrifice in quality is something to make note of before you lay down your dollars. As “overseas” brands like Hoss and Bent steal a lucrative chunk of the market Herbies Acrylics stay true to their “Canabian” roots. From their design and manufacturing to their parts and accessories, even their acrylic itself is made and constructed right here is Canada. For that we choose Herbies to be one of our most proud and patriotic brands. So grab your buds and come check him out.