Peace Pipin' for the Holidays
Submitted: February 05, 2014

Top 10 Smokin’ Presents for your favourite Puff Buff!

10. Grunge Off! Nothing like some clean glass for the ultimate, smooth smoking experience. Plus it makes your piece shine in all its glory :).

9. Grinders! We have grinders coming out our… well you can imagine. Grinder cards, 2 piece, and 4 piece grinders are all available in a variety of colours. Forget battling it out with those scissors and make life easy for your puff buff.

8. Papers and rolling machines! For those who like to kick it old school, and those who have not quite mastered the art of rolling, because believe those of us who can not roll… it is an art form.

7. Dime bags - these are a perfect gift for smokers and nonsmokers alike. Made from hemp/polyster (hempster) material these bags are freakin’ comfy, stylish, and equipped with a secret smell-proof stash pocket (not that we would ever have a reason to use it, right?).

6. Bowls & stems! This is especially great for those who like variety, or just have a slight breakage problem. They’ll be sure to love you when their bowl breaks and a back up is readily available.

5. Have a friend who hates the winter and has to smoke outdoors? Smoke Buddies to the rescue! Trust us when we say these guys stop smoke right in its tracks, nothing can get through their barrier! Available in Original and Junior travel size.

4. Herbie's acrylics! Once again – definitely a good call for those with that slight breakage problem, these guys are quite a bit more durable than their glass counterparts. You can also customize and build your own, for a more personal and creative gift!

3. Does your puff buff dabble in concentrations? We have more rigs, glass nails, titanium nails, dome-less nails, domes, dabbers, dishes, and torches than we know what do to with!

2. A glass water pipe! Like, duh! Best gift ever? Well other than #1 we think so. We have all kinds, from affordable to collectible, sliding to glass-on-glass. Make your buff’s holiday the best one yet, and maybe next year they will return the favour ;).

1. Vaporizers! Same great smoking experience minus the smell, thick smoke, and tar! Help your puff buff bring in the New Year with a healthy kick! We have you covered for both tabletop and portable vapes. We are pretty sure if you bought us a vaporizer for Christmas we would be obligated to love you forever!

We hope this helped you scratch that Puff Buff off your shopping list! Have a smokin' Holiday Peace Pipers, from all of our staff and management!