The Peace Pipe wants YOU to know the benefits of vaporizers:

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, but do you know the reasons why? When you smoke using a flame, you are combusting, which produces by-products, such as carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins. You are not only inhaling these harmful toxins, but also harming those around you with second-hand smoke (and not to mention that off putting odor)!

Vaporizers use a heating element (such as metal or ceramic) which heat your plant materials to the optimal temperatures allowing the user to draw out the active ingredients in vapor form. No combustion means no harmful by-products! Vaporizers are the healthy alternative to combustion, but that’s not all. The vaporization process allows for several other benefits such as:

No smoke: Only a light misty vapor is produced, which dissipates quickly into the air.

Little to no odor: No stronger than keeping your plant material in your pocket!

Efficiency: When you combust, you are also burning away your active ingredients. Vaporizers allow the user to inhale just active ingredients, meaning you will inhale less to get the same desired effect when combusting.

Cooler, smoother inhale: The average temperature of a typical lighter flame is 1977°C/3590°F degrees, talk about harsh. Vaporizers produce quality vapor at temperatures between 180 °C/356 °F and 200 °C/392 °F degrees allowing for a clean, cough-free inhale.

Taste: No lighter by-products, or ash, just the pure taste of your plant material.

Clean: Again, without combustion you are not creating ash, tar, or the usual smoking resin we are all familiar with in a hand or waterpipe.

Now that you know all the benefits of vaporizers, why not kick 2014 off with a healthier lifestyle, starting with making the switch to vaporization! For those on the move, we have portable vaporizers and stationary ones for the home bodies. Some of our most popular selling vaporizers include the Arizer Solo, Magic Flight Launch Box, and of course the Volcano.

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Spring Breakers
Submitted March 01, 2014.

Good Glass Gone Bad

Peace Pipers – do you want less break in your Spring Break? We here at the Peace Pipe want to give you some tips on how to prevent that horrible glass-shattering sound of a piece falling apart. These are just some of the preventative measures you can take:

PUT IT AWAY! Buying a case and having a specific storage spot for your piece will guarantee no breakage. Cases can be used for storage when it’s not in use and are awesome for travel. Also - always make sure you put your glass in a safe, secure place where it won’t easily be knocked over by a clumsy friend or a curious pet. Dropping glass, or even just putting it down too hard on a solid surface can weaken its properties and will cause eventual breakage. Make sure everyone using your piece is aware of all the moving parts before handing it over. Anyone who isn’t used to handling certain glass pieces won’t know exactly where to grab and what to avoid grabbing. This can lead to unfortunate events.

K-Clips are another awesome option to help avoid downstem and bowl breakage. Use a clip to hold your stem in place - this way if the bowl ever does stick to the stem and tries to take the stem out with it the clip will be in place to hold the stem down. Another useful tool is Slide Right – meant to help avoid grinding glass and frozen joints.

When transporting your glass always remember to pack it appropriately. Water pipe bags are great for travel, providing cushion for the glass from all angles. Even keeping the bubble wrap your glass originally came in is a great idea for transportation. Keeping the down stem in place with a piece of tape is safer than packing it separately. The bowl will need to be removed and wrapped properly.

Before purchasing your glass piece do some research! Get to know the brands you're looking for as some are known for their high quality of glass where others lean towards being more cost effective. There are differences in types of glass and thicknesses of glass. Less costly water pipes and hand pipes will be made out of a softer glass than the more expensive Pyrex pieces. Also the most common thicknesses of glass are 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm (being the thickest and least likely to break). These are all things you can discuss with our sales associates before buying your new piece!

When cleaning your glass – ensure you have enough working room to lay each piece out properly without any of them rolling off the surface. Never use boiling water when cleaning as the sudden change in temperature will weaken your glass and make future breakage more likely. Instead using Grunge Off or another similar cleaner that will be just as effective as boiling water without any weakening. Always make sure you have a firm grasp on whatever piece you’re cleaning, some of the glass cleaners (or just water itself) can make the glass very slippery.

When it comes to concentrations and using domes, nails, dabbers, etc. remember that titanium will always be stronger than glass. A glass nail has to withstand being heated and cooled down numerous times and will eventually break. A titanium nail can handle being heated to red-hot temperatures without a problem (and it actually does turn red, indicating when it’s hot and ready for use).

Hopefully these tips help you have an amazing break-less break ;).

Happy Spring Break from all of us at the Peace Pipe!