Pax Era Pods; High Tech Concentrate Consumption on The Move

Check out the hype at our Oshawa or Peterborough stores around the new Pax Era pods! Upgrade your concentrate game with this new and improved battery for smoking your favorite distillate. Convenience, potency, and maximized vapor production are only a few added benefits.

Design Benefits

The drop in design of the battery provides ultimate protection for your pods, eliminating the issue of breakage and leaking that is far too common with 510 threads. Double coils deliver even heat distribution, prevent waste, and deliver potent smoke every time. Paired with the dual airhole mouthpiece this device is guaranteed to get you where you want to be. The option for multiple heat settings allows users to customize their experience and tailor it to provide the perfect session, no matter what. Whether you’re in the mood to be out of 

 commission for a little while or are looking for a more relaxed experience the Pax will deliver every time. The battery life surpasses the average 510 battery, typically lasting about three days with moderate usage. With a micro-USB charging port, charging will be an ease while most of your friends likely have a charging laying around.

What to expect for Pricing

The popularity of Pax pods is on the rise and they’re becoming readily available at dispensaries all over. At Peace Pipe’s Oshawa and Peterborough locations pricing varies from 45 to 65 dollars. As far as half gram cartridges go the Pax are comparable to 510 cartridges in the mid-high tier price range.

Tech Savy Components

Like all PAX devices the Era is Bluetooth compatible with a designated section in the app that has a ton of cool features. As expected, battery level is visible and temperate can be controlled remotely. With the safety feature enabled access must be given from the app to allow for usage. When there are multiple devices in your vicinity you the option to change color schemes.  Another amazing feature allows you to micro-dose where set amounts of vapor will be released in specific time intervals to ensure you’re getting a consistent dosage just when you need it.