Cap'N Crunk

Devin Somerville’s high-end art pipes begin with custom millies that are stacked and assembled into mind-blowing and unforgettable creatures. Also known as Crunklestein, the artist’s take on the ancient Italian technique of millefiore has become his aesthetic signature. Once a process amongst many used by Crunklestein, when friends, fans, and fellow artists came face to face with his colourful, ornate millie pipes, the artist was encouraged to make all of his work using the chip stack technique he developed.

Somerville, aka Cap’n Crunk Glass, resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and produces a variety of dab rig styles, specializing in the mini or tiny tube design. His small dab rigs usually include mini encased millies throughout the neck and body of the piece, while his full-sized incredibly detailed and realistic sculpted oil rigs showcase his unlimited range of talent and creativity.



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