You are a Toker Smoker:

Whether it’s dry flower or hash you love puffing away on your pipe.

You like to take your pipe on the go, anywhere and everywhere.

Your adventurous spirit along with your trusty pipe is sure to take you to high places.

Old Timers

One Hit Wonders


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I took Bong Jovi over to the sink and proceeding to dump that mucky water down the drain …it smelt brutal. I’ve used a ton of cleaners in my day; some of my favourites include Grunge Off, Orange Chronic, Resolution Gel and Randy’s. Whatever the Peace Pipe staff recommends, I typically get. I had a bottle of Randy’s Black Label on hand though so I was all set on this particular day. 


There’s been a lot of great changes and improvements in the cannabis industry so far this year. We’re seeing better quality, improved packaging, terp counts on the bags; little improvements that make a big difference. My favourite change to see this year though has been watching Licensed Producers (LPs) going back to the classic strain names.

Back to School Basics

Everyone's been enjoying the summer weather lately and all I can think about is preparing for back to school. The pandemic definitely changed the usual buying trends of the seasons but this year the dreaded "It's the most wonderful time of the year" commercial has sparked a reminder that school is just around the corner and (spoiler alert), so is fall. Preparing to go to College or University is exciting, especially if you're living on your own.