Niko Cray brings some of the most detailed glassworks to the industry.  His snake and shark series is just amazing!

Niko Cray got into blowing glass by his father that has been blowing glass for over 34 years old.  At about 6 years old Niko Cray glass was given his first blow tube.

Niko really looks up to a lot of the forefathers of the industry like Banjo, Marcel and so so many others.  Even the new people just getting into glassblowing are inspiring to Niko Glass.

Niko's favourite glass technique is sculptural art.  He does love sock flips and appreciates the time and skill involved.

Niko Cray has his wife and son that really keep him on his toes, but Banjo really inspires Niko with his amazing work ethic.

When there is some free time you will find Niko glass out riding motorcycles with his son and just trying to raise a good little dude.



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