Top of the morning to all of our connoisseurs out there, today is the day we celebrate all of the various forms of cannabis concentrates. For those who aren’t aware July 10th or 7/10 is known in the cannabis community as Dab Day or Oil Day. We’re here to share some history on this cherished day and celebrate with you. So, brew up a dab and read on...

Building upon the Legacy of 4/20

Most of us in the cannabis community are well aware or have partaken in a 4/20 event. 4/20, celebrated on April 20th, has a rich history rooted in the counterculture movement of the 1970s. It emerged as a symbolic day for cannabis users to gather, advocate for legalization, and simply enjoy the herb together. This special date became synonymous with cannabis culture, inspiring a sense of unity and shared experiences within the community.

Origins of 7/10

Similar to 4/20, 7/10 has become a day of celebration for the cannabis community, particularly those who enjoy concentrates. The origin of 7/10 can be traced back to the association between the numbers "710" and the word "OIL". When flipped upside down and read "710" closely resembles the word "OIL". This wordplay caught the attention of cannabis enthusiasts, leading to the designation of July 10th as the day to celebrate cannabis concentrates also known as oil. Many events, competitions, and social gatherings take place, showcasing different types of concentrates, extraction methods, and the latest innovations in the field.

The Rise of Cannabis Concentrates

As cannabis legalization progresses and technology advances, the production and consumption of cannabis concentrates is experiencing a significant surge in popularity. Concentrates, such as hash, oil, wax, shatter, resins/rosins and diamonds have offered a more potent and efficient way to consume cannabis. With more of these products coming through the OCS and into dispensaries like The Peace Pipe a general interest and familiarity with these products has risen. The accessibility and wide variety of concentrates available have contributed to the growth of 7/10 as a significant day for cannabis enthusiasts nationwide. What started as a niche celebration within the cannabis community has now gained traction among a broader audience.

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Looking Ahead

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, the significance of 7/10 is likely to expand further. Advances in extraction techniques, product innovation, and the increasing acceptance of cannabis use will contribute to the continued celebration of Oil Day. With each passing year, 7/10 offers an opportunity for cannabis enthusiasts to come together, explore new products, share knowledge, and strengthen the sense of community within the concentrate-loving subculture.

If you would like to celebrate 7/10 with The Peace Pipe come into one of our locations and chat with us about some of our favorite concentrates and accessories we have to offer. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about how to smoke/vape concentrates, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We understand concentrates can be intimidating, but we are here to make it simple and enjoyable. 7/10 is the perfect day to explore and get yourself set up with a dab rig to celebrate in style. So, from the bottom of our lungs, have a stellar 7/10 folks!