We wanted to give a special highlight to some brands we have been loving at the Peace Pipe in a new collection of reviews we’d like to call “HIGHLY RATED”.

The first brand we’d like to focus on is the affordable craft brand BC Black Craft Cannabis based out of Salmon Arm, BC. Since coming onto the market their strain offerings have been an Indica crowd favourite and an immediate staff pick. With the average 3.5g going for $33.95 this brand offers craft quality for a point-for-point price.

In their own words BC Black, “represent craft grown products and their cultivators, who are BC Legacy growers with decades of experience. Their knowledge produces the absolute best quality cannabis available on the market with unique genetics and hard to find strains.” 

It is for this very reason they are such an obvious choice for our customers in search of unique terpene profiles and buds with great bag appeal. The genetics they keep bringing to the table are just so tasty. Like their newest introduction to our line-up, Grape Pop Rocks. This cross of the Pop Rocks and Grape Stomper strains is such a beautiful hybrid featuring frosty purple hued flowers. The strong grape candy aroma is followed by notes of earth and diesel. The taste is reminiscent of the BLK MKT - Purple Rain and Organnicraft - Platinum Grapes, so if those are some of your go-tos don’t sleep on this drop.

For those looking for that OG profile BC Black has you covered. Their Triple OG is a kushy indica strain with some depth. Triple OG is an indica-dominant cross of Triangle Kush, Constantine Kush and Master Yoda. As BC Black describes, “With a nose of skunk, earth, and pine, this cultivar has been a favourite of BC connoisseurs for years.” If that isn’t OG enough for you check out their Master Kush Ultra, a cross between G-13 and OG Kush, a legacy strain boasting over 15 years of cultivation!

BC Black also offers strains grown in living soil such as their Pakola Punch. As BC Black explains, “This thriving ecosystem of peat moss, microbes, fungi, worms and other live elements makes a healthy environment for cannabis to thrive. The added nutrients in the soil give Pakalolo Punch a highly aromatic quality, and coupled with its exceptional potency and flavourful smoke, this craft-grown cannabis will be a hit amongst cannabis consumers everywhere.” As cannabis enthusiasts, we love to hear companies using the living soil method. The quality is apparent and we implore you to give it a try yourself.

If you’re new to the craft cannabis side of the industry BC Black is an excellent choice to try out. You will not miss that extra $5 bucks when you light up that joint. We pinky promise.