Unveiling the Power of 

Botanical Terpenes in Cannabis Products

It’s no secret to us in cannabis retail that LPs have been utilising botanical terpenes to kick the flavour up a notch in their cannabis offerings. In recent years, the cannabis industry has undergone a transformative evolution, with the integration of scientific advancements and novel approaches to enhance the user experience. Incorporating botanical terpenes into products like infused pre-rolls, vapes, and some beverages is one approach that we have noticed has become very popular. 

The main difference between botanical terpenes and cannabis terpenes lies in their natural sources. Botanical terpenes in this context are extracted from plants other than cannabis, such as fruits, flowers, herbs, and trees. These terpenes can be sourced from a wide range of botanicals, allowing for a diverse selection of aromas and flavours to be incorporated into cannabis products. The interchangeability of cannabis and other botanically derived terpenes is made clear in the flavour experience of cannabis strains themselves. When smoking something like our, 3Saints - Crumbled Lime, you will notably taste a tart, sour flavour due to the high limonene content. Limonene is also found in citrus fruit, also known for their sour quality. Whether it is sourced from cannabis or botanicals the effect on the taste buds, brain, and the body is the same.

You may not even realise you have already tried a product that is enhanced this way. Our incredibly popular General Admission Infused Prerolls, are all terp enhanced. This is how they achieve the unique, candy-like flavours they offer. We have a hunch they are not just infusing the flower, but the kief as well to get that burst of scent as soon as you pop open the container. Most of the infused pre-rolls are using botanical terps in addition to the concentrates to create taste profiles you might not expect to get out of a weed product.

A large selection of our vape carts are utilising botanical terps to enhance the flavours of their distillate as well. You may be wondering - Are botanical terps safe to vape? Regardless of source material, natural terpenes can be added to cannabis concentrates and cartridges and safely vaped to enhance flavour, aroma and medicinal benefits. Botanical is still derived from a natural origin, so what you may perceive to be “chemicals” are already present in your cannabis. The LP Blissed for example uses botanical terps in their Breathe Raspberry Lemonade 2:1 CBD 510 Cart. “Made with CO2 extracted distillate enhanced with botanical terpenes, experience the sweet flavours of pureed raspberries followed by zesty lemon.” The use of botanical terpenes as an enhancement ensures a consistent flavour profile throughout different batches of distillate.

We might suggest giving one of our terpene enhanced beverages a try if you aren’t interested in smoking or vaping. Our Klon - Terpene Smash is a nice citrusy choice, “highly aromatic and flavourful ready-to-drink beverage, made with carefully selected natural terpenes and flavours.” These citrus terpenes as mentioned above often create a sense of focus, alertness, and an uplifted mood. With advancements in extraction techniques, these terpenes can be harnessed and thoughtfully combined to create innovative and tailored cannabis products, providing users with a unique and enriching experience.

We can’t wait to see what they come out with next and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!