Starting in the Summer of 1997, Brandon Martin began learning to work with glass while attaining a degree in 3D computer modeling and animation. Having always been drawn to creating art in many forms and across all mediums, the smooth flow and unique feel of working with glass held an attraction that was hard to resist. His constantly evolving style is always heading in new directions, but ever present in his design is a respect for the natural world, illustrated through organic forms and concepts.

In recent years, Brandon has become interested in how, through his artwork and the support of the loyal glass community, he can affect change. Brandon has participated in charity events like the Michigan Glass Project, and donated a portion of his profits to animal conservation groups such as the International Rhino Foundation and the Green Heritage Fund of Suriname. Today, Brandon can either be found creating new designs from his studio in St. Paul, Minnesota, or exploring the outdoors with his two dogs, Moss and Del.