A Cannabis Inspired Date Night

Is it just me or does Valentine's Day seem like it's about to fall off the Calendar?

2 years of lockdowns and an underwhelming comeback have many people trading in their lavish holiday spending for more affordable, low-key experiences. Valentine's Day being arguably the most commercial is all about showing someone you care by giving a card, buying a small gift and if you go all out, a fancy dinner.

Romance has always been the underlying tone but this year more than ever, it seems like it's just about spending money. Lately, I have put a lot of thought into what it means to show someone you care and what sets the mood for connecting with your partner. This is why I've decided to explore some cannabis items that I don't normally keep in my stash box. Item's that can provide an enjoyable experience and still keep within the traditions of Valentine's Day.

First: Cannabis Bath Bombs and Salts

We're getting in the tub. There is nothing better than soaking in a warm bath after a long day. I know it's cliche but I have yet to meet a person that doesn't appreciate that first moment when you sink into that warm water. To enhance the mood, I picked up a Stewart Farms Blue Dream bath bomb and a Lavander Chamomile Odor Eater Candle.

Next: A Spicy Dinner

We're going to cook dinner together. Tacos is the perfect dish and we're going to spice it up with the Bogart's Kitchen Habanero Hot Sauce and finish it off with one pack of A-Ha chocolate drizzle to mix with regular chocolate drizzle and serve over Vanilla Ice Cream. Did I mention that Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday?  

Finally: Movie & Drinks

Since my partner and I have different tolerances, I decided to pick up 2 different types of beverages. A Brzy Yuzu & Ginger Sparkling Water for me, and a Mollo 5.0 beverage for him. We'll enjoy these on the couch while we watch a movie.   

Secret Weapon: Her Highness Intimacy Oil .. Just in case.

The great thing about exploring Cannabis this way is that you can gradually judge your high as you go. If it's too much after dinner you can switch to regular sparking water and save your cannabis infused drink for another day. And if you're the opposite, you can always add some of your regular routine smokables to the mix and still enjoy a nice evening connecting with the one you love.