Cannabis Edibles

Do you enjoy Cannabis Edibles?

There's no question that legalization has changed the way we consume cannabis. It's brought us capsules and sublingual's, bath bombs and beverages and a wide variety of unique products like inhalers and coffee. The door has been opened to endless possibilities and this has many of us wanting to explore. Not everything has been a success though and one area that has us divided, is the edible market.

Edibles have always had mixed reviews. Before legalization people either loved them or they feared them. Working in a head shop, I have heard some wild stories about consuming edibles. Some sound like a TV church service where "hallelujah, they could miraculously walk once more," and others like the projectile vomit scene from the movie, The Sandlot. My experience played out more like a stoner character from a 90's teen movie. I spent a good 45 minutes deeply interested in reading a fascinating science article until I realized I was reading about the Colon... that's right, the butthole. It was that moment of clarity that gave way to knee slapping laughter and the next words out of my mouth were, "Holy (pause) crap (pause) I am so (pasty swallow) high." These unpredictable scenarios made taking edibles a risk, and risk taking wasn't for everyone.

We can safely say that the fear factor is quickly diminishing in the legal market. But the polar opposite views haven't gone away, they've just changed. For new users or back again cannabis consumers, the 10mg cap per package is perfect. They don't have to smoke, it's a nice low dose of THC, and the products easily fit into their every day lifestyle. Some are even trading in the alcohol for THC treats and beverages. But to the long time cannabis veterans, edibles have been no more than disappointing. 10mg is not enough to feel an effect and the average $6.95 package cost is not worth buying in bulk. If anything, long time users are picking up edibles only to extend their high while they indulge in other forms of consumption such as smoking or vaping. And so the ever swinging reviews of cannabis edibles continue.

The expansion of products in the industry has been impressive. But in my opinion, if they want edibles to be a success and meet the vast majority of expectations, they're going to have to give consumers not just a variety of products, but a variety of THC levels too.