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Cannabis Infused Self Care


Being stuck in the middle of a Pandemic can be a whole lot of stress!  What better way is there to relax than with a nice hot bath? Take it up a notch by adding in one of Eve & Co’s Dreamer, Lover or Boss Bath Bombs. Or, if bath salts sound more interesting, give 48 North’s Ylang Ylang Bath Salts a try. 

Whiletaking an infused bath wont necessarily give you a psychoactive experience, cannabinoids are absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream giving you a euphoric“body buzz”. Its surely a way to elevate your cannabis consumption! Once yourfamiliar with the effects on your body, it’s the perfect time to relax andsmoke a joint or sip on your favourite drink.


Pick up a new routine and put some time aside each day to enjoy a cup of tea. Taking some personal time to slow down, practise mindful-ness or journal is an amazing way to de-stress and exercise self care. Whether you prefer your tea hot or iced, there’s so many options on the market there’s truly something for everyone.

If you have yet to try CBD products, infused teas are an amazing way to experience some of its many benefits. The commonly known calming effects it has on your body are great for relaxation, deeper sleep and to reduce stress and anxiety. A few CBD tea options we carry at our Oshawa and Newmarket locations are Mint, Vanilla Rooibos, Peach Ginger and Lavender Chamomile. If you’d prefer to have THC infused we also carry two teas from Haven St that are a combination of both THC and CBD. 


An interesting new addition to our collection of self careproducts is the Sex Pot Infused Intimacy Oil from 48 North. Show some love foryourself and unwind with an exciting new addition to the bedroom. The topical instructions read “drop a generous in the palm of your hand and apply topleasure zones for a heightened sensation. Gently massage on 15-20 minutes ahead of time for enhanced intimate experience. Customer reviews rave that its great for personal use or for spicing things up with your significant other.