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Cobourg, cannabis… They both start with the letter C so it’s only fitting that they be put together.

With locations already in Oshawa, Newmarket and Peterborough, The Peace Pipe in Cobourg opened its doors to the public in early July, making it the company’s fourth Ontario location.

The Cobourg store is unique in many ways but it also has a familiar vibe when you walk through the doors. The smoking accessories you’ve become accustomed to find at the other Peace Pipe locations are all here, along with some eclectic artist glass, candles, incense and of course; cannabis!!

A lot of people hear cannabis and think of joints, pipes and lots of smoke but that is just a small part of the industry these days. The majority are still smoking it, that will likely never change, but with legalization in 2018 came a roll out of new products and new ways to consume cannabis. These days we have the choice of smoking, vaping, eating, drinking; you name it! There’s even a whole line a topicals that have now hit the market; anything from muscle creams, to bath bombs, to sex lube …we’re living in good times, my friends 😎.

Back to Cobourg though. Did I mention it was right by the beach?? How convenient is that! Now we know that you can’t smoke or drink at the beach – those are the rules – but unlike alcohol, you can consume cannabis on the sidewalk, on your way down to the beach …plus, edibles are very stealthy too 😉.

Maybe you’re not a beach person at all though. Perhaps you just need something after a long day of yardwork or a long week at the office; or maybe you’re entertaining friends or watching a movie. Whatever the occasion, the Peace Pipe will hook you up …and don’t forget to grab some accessories while you’re there too. I recommend the (real) gold rolling papers myself but I’m a bit of baller. There’s also Juicy Jays, Billionaire Hemp Wraps, Cyclones, bongs, rigs, pipes, you name it; if cannabis goes into it, chances are they have it. 

This awesome new store is conveniently located minutes from the 401, in the heart of Cobourg, right downtown by the beach!! 1 King St. E. to be exact! …don’t forget to tell them Big Larry sent you 😉