Why Craft Cannabis?

Why Craft Cannabis?

Everyone is loving craft beer. It's unique, reasonably priced and a visit to a local brewery can make for a fun afternoon with friend and family. No wonder it's such a trend. Lately craft cannabis has been emerging, and many customers are asking what the difference is. Regulations have pretty much hindered the ability for companies to market products. It's expensive, consists of the same strains and there aren't any facilities that let you consume with a group of friends, not yet anyway. So, what is it that makes craft cannabis more superior than its mass-produced counterpart and what justifies the price?

It's all about the harvest. Most people don't look at the buds on a cannabis plant like they're delicate flowers, but a grower in the craft industry does. These growers understand that when it comes to gaining an exceptional high you must protect the trichomes on the bud. Trichomes are the hair like glands on the surface of the bud that hold the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. As those are knocked off through the harvesting process the quality of the bud goes down.

Craft growers try to do almost everything by hand. This ensures that the cannabis is handled with care, preserving it's trichomes and unique characteristics. Larger production companies however, use trimming machines and drying racks which aren't the most careful. Trimming machines like a Bucker can damage the buds making them less potent, less flavorful and less appealing to the consumer. If not cared for properly, they can grow mold or trap dirt which can then be transferred during the packaging process. Hand picking, drying and trimming means more human eyes inspecting the buds and ensures the quality is upheld all the way through.  

There's no denying that mass production makes for faster turnaround times and ensures that stores can keep their menus stocked. It's also more efficient, which is a huge money saver and allows companies to transfer those savings to the consumer in the form of cheaper price points. These price points may be easier on the wallet but the sacrifice is all in the quality. Finding the perfect balance between the two is the hardest part and customers will have to discover what their preferences are and how much they are willing to pay.

Legalization is relatively new but the reality is, people have been growing cannabis for thousands of years and just because companies have the money to create state of the art facilities doesn't mean they will produce the best products. It all boils down to technique and management. That's why Craft brands like Qwest, BLK MKT, Bullrider and Carmel have growers from the legacy market bringing their technique and experience.

Craft cannabis is grown in smaller batches which is easier to manage and holds people accountable for the quality in production. Smaller batches however, create a demand and with not enough supply to go around it becomes much harder for buyers to get their hands on that amazing bud from their favorite growers.

Everyone wants the best bang for their buck and knowing the correlation between cannabis production and quality helps customers determine what's worth spend money on. Not all craft growers are exceptional and not all high production companies produce terrible quality products. Discovering the brands that work best for you requires exploration, and who doesn't like experiencing a new adventure.