With the colder weather arriving, I know a lot of you are bringing your sesh inside these days …and there’s nothing wrong with that. Chances are you may become immune to the smell though, which is never good when people come over. We get used to that smell, thinking its not even there, when all of sudden there’s a pop-in visitor banging at the door; you answer it, just to hear “smells like pot in here”, from your mother.

It's legal and who cares though, right? Well, I still care; I don’t want to be known as the guy whose place always stinks of stale smoke and old weed. That’s why I always have several different products around to help me get rid of those odors.

My favourite go-to item, for dealing with a pop-in visitor or getting rid of smoke fast, is the Smoke Odor Eliminator spray. This stuff comes in what looks like a hairspray bottle and functions about the same, minus the keeping your hair in place. If you need to eliminate odours quickly, a couple sprays of this stuff in the air will get your place smelling great in just seconds.

If you don’t like spraying stuff or are just looking for something else to fill the air, the Peace Pipe also has tons of incense to choose from. Incense is a hit or miss for most people though; you either love the smell or you hate it. For those who love the smell, incense sticks are a quick and efficient way of filling the air with powerful, pungent, aromas. There a very cost effective and there’s hundreds of scents to choose from. I tend tolike the muskier smelling ones myself but I’d say the cinnamon is my favourite.

If you’re not into incense though, there’s lots of other slow burning options for getting your place smelling amazing again. One of my favourite things to use is wax melts. They have a powerful aroma, but it’s not in your face or super pungent. These things last for hours too, slowly filling the air with aromas from the wax. There are so many scents to choose from too and they are all great smells; that’s why I like them.

If none of these products float your boat though, or if you just want to add more smoke eliminators to your repertoire, you can’t go wrong with the classic candle. The candles at The Peace Pipe are Smoke Odor Eliminator Candles, from the same brand who does the sprays, with the sole purpose of eliminating the smoke odor from your sesh. Whether you choose Rasta Love, Maui Wowie Mango, Apple Orchard, Half Baked, Hippie Love, or one of the many other scents, you’ll have your place smelling great in no time. 

I have to get going though, I think I left a candle burning at my place. Plus, I’m due for a sesh myself. If you want to know about The Peace Pipe’s smoke eliminators, hit up the vid on our YouTube channel! Until next time, keep stoned and have fun …that doesn’t really have the same ring to it as keep fit and have fun, doesn’t it? I’m sorry, I’ll never say it again.