Get Super High for Super Bowl LVIII

Hey party people! As the Super Bowl LVIII hype builds up, it's time to talk about how to elevate your game day experience to a whole new level. Add a touch of green to your Sunday Funday festivities and heighten all of the excitement for the most important game of the football season. Enjoy this laid-back guide to incorporating cannabis into your Super Bowl celebration.

Draft Your Picks

Just like choosing your favorite team, picking the right strain is crucial. Sativas for the energetic fans, indicas for those looking to chill on the couch – and hybrids for the best of both worlds. A well paired strain can enhance your sensory experience, making the game even more exciting. With all the delicious game day snacks you may want to choose a strain with terpenes that influence your appetite to really take advantage of those munchies.

Edibles for the Win: 1st and 10mg

Speaking of munchies, edibles are the perfect addition to your game day spread. Imagine snacking on some cannabis-infused snacks and gummies just as your team scores a touchdown. Talk about a match made in heaven. All edibles available on the OCS contain a maximum amount of 10mg of THC per package, so keep score of how many you consume. Just remember to start slow with edibles – they can take a while to kickoff, and you don't want to be couch-locked before halftime.

Canadian Eh' Ketchup Krisps

Sub in Cannabis Infused Drinks

For those tired of that post-game hangover, substitute alcohol for our cannabis infused beverages. With so many options to choose from including our favourite Mollo non-alcoholic lager it would be a shame to leave these drinks on the sidelines. Check out some of our mocktail recipes for some delicious infused concoctions for you and your pals to share.

Mollo 10

Super Bowl Bingo

Create your own cannabis-friendly game within the game! Super Bowl Bingo with a twist – every time you fill a square, take a toke. That’s a whole different kind of Bingo dabber. Whether it's a touchdown dance, a celebrity cameo, or a questionable call from the refs, make it a memorable Super Bowl filled with laughs and good vibes. No matter what team takes it, everyone is winning.

Puff, Puff, Forward Pass

Super Bowls are all about community, so why not share the love? Whether you're with your crew in person or virtually passing the digital joint, remember that the camaraderie of the game is just as important as the plays on the field. With cold and flu season upon us we would recommend checking out the Herbie’s Mouthpieces if you plan on passing the communal bong around. As always, not everyone may want to participate so respect your sober friends out there and be an exemplary stoner.

Flag on the Play

Remember, the key to a successful cannabis-infused Super Bowl is moderation and partaking responsibly. Steer clear of any party fouls by avoiding mixing intoxicants. A heavy cross-fade may cause you to miss the game altogether. As the MVP of your celebration you need to keep your head in the game! Stay hydrated and opt for a mix of healthy and munchie-friendly treats to keep your energy levels up to avoid a post-game crash.

Whether you're a seasoned pothead or a newbie, incorporating cannabis into your game day festivities can add an extra layer of enjoyment. So, here's to a Super Bowl Sunday filled with good vibes and even better memories. Sit back, relax, and may your fav team emerge victorious! LET’S GOOOOO!

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