Not all cookies are strictly sweet, you know. Some of them have a hint of spice — and there’s nothing wrong with that. Slowride Bakery’s Spicy Ginger Cookie takes classic gingerbread, warming spices and adds something extra: cannabis. Slowride Bakery sources premium ingredients, never using preservatives.

Bhang® THC Candy Cane White Chocolate is the perfect pairing of gourmet white chocolate and THC, scored into four pieces perfect for sharing. Indulge in the cannabis-free flavour of white chocolate, crushed candy cane and 10 mg THC per bar. Bhang® didn’t create cannabis chocolate, they just perfected it.

DNA Chocolate Fondue’s classic funky and robust taste can now be found in a pre-rolled joint. The lab-tested THC cross of Exodus UK Cheese and Chocolote is perfectly rolled up in high-quality paper, lab tested, and ready to go.

Fruit Cake from Natural History is a high-THC cultivar. This hybrid cultivar has a terpene profile of spicy, peppery, and pineapple aromas. Connoisseurs can enjoy the mixture of colours in the Fruit Cake flower, as the dominant colour changes from purple to green as it travels down the plant.

Proofly CBD Massage Oil is a non-greasy and quick absorbing massage oil which is infused with CBD and a small amount of THC also consists of Vitamin E, Arnica oil, Canola oil, Jojoba oil, and Almond oil to provide excellent glide during application. The Black pepper essential oil used in the formula provides a warming and comfortable sensation on the skin. For topical use only.

Stewart Farms Bath Bomb 3-pack (Bubba Kush, Chocolate Hashberry, Blue Dream)  A first in Canadian cannabis, these luxurious, wellness-packed spheres are engineered for ultimate feelgoodery. Stewart Farms’ infused Bath Bombs are intended to enhance personal wellness, but help protect the planet, too.

RAD Holiday Sessions Vol. 1 Gingerbread and Christmas Loaf Distillate Vapes offer a festive feast packed with THC. These distillate cartridges are potent with delicious sweet and spicy flavour profiles. These extracts are housed in high quality hardware that will fit with any 510 battery (not included).

Merry Minty Kushmas! We’re blazing through this holiday season with our new 1g cart. With a high-THC potency and a mint forward aroma that is balanced with subtle herbal, earthy & citrus undertones. This is a special holiday formula.