It’s not an uncommon occurrence at The Peace Pipe to have our customers say “You are the only dispensary that carries this!” and we are happy to boast about our large SKU count. It is a privilege to carry and consume the hidden gems off the legal market. We thought we would share some of our personal favourites to look out for next time you’re in the store.

We thought we would dive into one of our favorite selections off our menu, concentrates:

Whether it be hash, shatter, honey-oil, diamonds or live resin/rosins we have an extensive list of offerings. We are personally very proud of our hash collection. With over 100 hash products we have just the right thing to take you back to the good ol’ days (1964 - Organic Hash 3.5g) or perhaps introduce you to something new (Nugz - Ice Water Hash 2g). The incredible thing about our menu is if you are getting into a new brand we often carry the entire lineup, like our Tribal or San Rafael live resins for example. The variety is what keeps things fresh and it’s always a good thing to switch up your terpene profiles.

At The Peace Pipe we love to support the smaller or limited batch growers out there. Some incredible drops have come out of the LP Strains Limited. Their newest release being their RNTZ 3.5g at a whopping 39.5% with 4.5% terps. We also loved the Ontario Micro Growers - SLAP N TICKLE 3.5g, sharing not only the package date but the entire harvesting facts on their packaging. That kind of transparency is encouraging and we know customers love to see it too.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to some of the best bud the OCS is currently offering, our top shelf selection has had a couple heavy hitters added. An instant favourite LP Terp Town Collective just dropped two incredibly potent strains in Chunk Dawg and Sherbhead, both well over 30%. We also love their slogan, “No Shotcuts, No Bullshit. Just Flavourful, Clean, and Potent Craft Cannabis”, amen.

Another offering that has piqued our interest is the new Kronic - Gorilla Breath 3.5g. This cross of Original Glue x OGKB has great bag appeal with heavily frosted lime green nugs with deep purple hues. It is also Non-Irradiated, a process that the larger, “budget-friendly” brands are forced into. The irradiation process often sacrifices the complexities in the smell and taste of the bud.

With so much on the market it is hard to get your hands on it all, but we would love to help you navigate towards the best option for your individual preferences. There is so much to be excited for in the coming drops and we promise to keep you up to date on all the best the OCS has to offer.