3rd Edition

HIDDEN GEMS – Third Edition

Today, we are thrilled to pull back the curtain and give you an exclusive glimpse into our treasure trove of brand-new arrivals from the recent OCS drop. With so many new items we can’t wait to let you in on our favs, so let’s get into it.

BOXHOT has come out with two new high THC flavours, Tropicana Banana and Guava Stardawg, both delicious tropical flavours perfect for this time of year. All BOXHOT vapes are manufactured with exclusive, oversized hardware (1.2g), making them optimised for big, full hits.

If you have already enjoyed the other very popular BOXHOT flavours, we would highly recommend giving these a try!

The BLK MKT | Rainbow P 3.5g is a new stand-out Sativa we were so excited to get our hands on. This colourful cross of Grand Blueberry Pie and Zktlz is everything you want in an exotic Sativa cross. BLK MKT is consistently bringing out such incredible small-batch flower and this is no different. In addition to the new BLK MKT offering we also got in the GreenSeal | Purple Crush 3.5g, another tasty, high THC Sativa. GreenSeal describes the aroma as a “subtle fuel scent and fizzy sweetness reminiscent of a vintage grape soda pop, Purple Crush gets top marks in every evaluation category.” We love to see our craft sativa selection grow with such exciting offerings.

The BLK MKT | Rainbow P

If you’re more of an indica or bust kind of smoker we have the new Melt | Space Funk 3.5g which is a super high THC cross between Space and First Class Funk. Equal parts funky, gassy and dessert. With such a sweet and pungent profile it will become a new fav in your rotation. Another drop we just have to mention is the D*gg lbs | Cryptic Chronic 3.5g, which is the new brand by a certain icon who also spells his name D-O-DOUBLE-G. This craft cannabis strain embodies the laid-back lifestyle of the West Coast and old school hip hop. It is the bubonic chronic to make you choke. Roll in and get it for yourself before it’s gone!

The BLK MKT | Rainbow P

Speaking of rolling, we’ve got a few new infused pre-roll offerings to share. SHRED X has come out with two new infused pre-rolls using their wildly popular pre-ground flavours in Tropic Thunder and Gnarberry. Both of the Disty & Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls (3x0.5g) are infused with distillate & diamonds for 42%+ THC. If you’re no newbie to concentrate you’ll recognize the Shatterizer brand and their new Rockstar Shatter Diamonds & Keif Triple Infused Preroll (1x1g) will become your new weekend staple. The innovative triple infusion of shatterized flower, enriched with diamonds, is perfectly pre-rolled and hand spun in kief. The Rockstar strain is renowned for its relaxing effects, and in this format it’s a knockout. 

Last but not least we’ve got a few new Collective Project flavours that we just know you’ll be drinking for the rest of the summer. For starters we have the POG LIFE, which is Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava flavoured and enhanced with terps from the Maui Wowie strain. This tropical blend of fruity flavours paired with one of the best sativa strains of all time is a win for us. The second and our favourite is the Cosmic Cowboy Cherry & Vanilla with Black Cherry Terpenes 355mL, which is bursting in tart cherry flavour partially derived from the Cherry Boat rosin it is enhanced with. Both drinks have a 1:1 dose of THC and CBD to keep you right what you want to be.

Well that’s all for now! Check back with us for the next edition of Hidden Gems and as always we promise to keep you up to date on all the best the OCS has to offer!