4th Edition

Hidden Gems Fourth Edition

In this edition of Hidden Gems we thought we’d bring some well-deserved attention to some newer brands on our menu. With an over-saturation in the cannabis market, it can be hard to choose and that’s why we’re here to help!

A new brand our pockets are loving is No Future. Their mission statement "GET HIGHER. PAY LOWER" has resonated with our customers looking for a great product at a reasonable price point. In No Future’s own words: 

“The pandemic rocked us all, machines are getting smarter, people are getting dumber, democracy is crumbling around the world as the kooks take over, and the powers that are trying to crush the cannabis industry they begrudgingly gifted us. We’ve all hit rock bottom, so let’s get high, for less, because there may be no future”

While you chew on that, chew on some of the No Future gummies. Each gummy is a total of 10mg of THC and retails for $3.95 a piece at The Peace Pipe. With such a competitive price point they have quickly become one of our most popular edible options. With four delicious flavours: The Purple One (Grape), The Blue One (Blue Raspberry), The Green One (Lemon/Lime), and The Orange One (Clementine), there is something for everyone. We also appreciate their transparency on the packaging regulations via the graphic on their website explaining why products look the way they do.

We also brought in the No Future - Hot CKS 1.2g 510 Thread Vape, which is a great new Indica option for those looking for a high-quality distillate vape at a good price. Made using the strains Strawberry Shortcake x Wedding Cake, the aroma and taste is berry forward with a hint of vanilla. The cart has nice hardware with a flat-tip mouthpiece that is less likely to clog.

Come check us out every weekend for our Flavor Savor Sunday deal and get 10% off this cart and any of your other go-tos!

Another new Sativa vape on the market we wanted to shout out is Disco FSH - Slaughtermelon. Disco FSH carefully crafts their distillate using top CO2 extraction & filtration methods. They only use cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes for a pure high-potency experience. The Slaughtermelon flavour is juicy melon enhanced with tart lime botanical terps. In their words, “This cool & stimulating melon massacre will blow your mind into multiple pieces.”

Speaking of stimulating - it's time we talk about Adult’s Only. We have been loving the Adult’s Only liquid diamond products since they came onto the market and so have you! We have a new one to add to the roster, the Promiscuous Peach NSFW Liquid Diamond Dispenser. This all-glass dispenser multi-tool is packed with insanely potent 90% - 96% THC liquified diamonds that present a burst of juicy peachy flavour.

You won’t find any added solvents, pigments, fillers or waxes in this premium extract. The dispenser is heat resistant and can be used to apply directly onto dab rigs, dab pens, rolling papers or when refilling vape carts.

I feel the rush, the Versus - Neon Rush 355ml. Neon Rush is an electrifying carbonated soda with big, bold citrus flavours. Made with SōRSE® emulsion technology, this bubbly sweet beverage delivers a predictable and consistent 10mg of THC and 30 mg of caffeine, with almost no cannabis aftertaste.

The taste and logo are reminiscent of a certain pop that is a favourite of many stoners and gamers alike. If you’re already a fan of the Keef sodas, you will love these. Check out our Sweet Treats sale every Saturday for 10% off all beverages. 

Those are all of the Hidden Gems for now, until next time puff buffs!