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Hidden Gems: Fifth Edition

Welcome back to our Hidden Gems series, your go-to source for discovering the most underrated and overlooked products on the market. With so many options it is easy for exceptional products to get lost in the shuffle. That is where we come in​​ – scouring our menu to uncover those hidden gems that deserve your attention!

If you're on the hunt for a full ounce of premium quality bud but find yourself unsure where to turn, look no further than our selection of strains from BC OZ. With the tagline “Budget Friendly Craft Ounces” these strains look, smell and taste fire without burning a hole in your pocket.

“BC OZ features craft-grown products from BC Cultivators. These budget-friendly ounces maintain a strict protocol of hang drying, hand trimming and cold curing to preserve terpenes and offer the best smoke to discerning cannasseurs.”

Since introducing the White Fire OG and Sour Sangria ounces, we've been consistently impressed by the potent profiles and superb bud quality of this brand. We also applaud BC OZ for transparently displaying top terpene percentages on their packaging, facilitating a better understanding of which profiles align with your preferences. Since introducing these strains we have brought in four new strains into the lineup: Guava Trainwreck Craft, Keylime Gelato, Tropical Infusion, and Zlushies Craft. All of these strains have dynamic flavour profiles and feature large, tricome coated buds that are sure to impress even the most seasoned smoker.

For those on-the-go smokers looking for a new vape cartridge, we highly recommend exploring the latest brand on the market, Juicy Hoots. Produced and formulated out of BC, Juicy Hoots promises “the juiciest hit with every sip”, thanks to their signature stainless steel straw mouthpiece that cools the vapour as you inhale. Forget hacking up a lung after every draw! These cartridges offer an ultra-smooth experience and are compatible with any standard 510 thread battery.

We're thrilled to offer all three of their current flavours: Double Blue Cherry, Double Melon Gulp, and Double Yuzu Splash. With such an enticing array of fruity flavours, we're eagerly anticipating their future releases!

Without a doubt, General Admission's infused pre-rolls have garnered immense popularity, but allow us to shine a spotlight on some of their latest offerings in case you haven't caught wind of them yet! Crafted with flower meticulously sourced from premium whole flower cultivars, infused with botanical terpenes, and delicately dusted in kief, these pre-rolls are an absolute delight. Among the recent additions, our top pick is the Razzillicious flavour, now available in the convenient 5x0.5g format. Enthusiasts of sour blue raspberry candies are sure to be enamoured by this flavorful creation. Also available in the same 5x0.5g format is the Melon Mania, bursting with cantaloupe melon flavour. Described as having a fresh and floral aroma with a bold sweetness, this option is a true sensory treat. For those already smitten with General Admission's Strawnana vape cartridge, prepare to be captivated by the new Strawnana terpene-infused pre-rolls, elevating the ripe fruity flavour to unparalleled heights. This tropical profile is bound to transport your taste buds to paradise.

Our Hidden Gems series remains committed to being your trusted resource for uncovering hidden treasures in the vast landscape of products available to you. We understand the challenges of navigating through countless options and believe that exceptional finds should never go unnoticed. Until next time puff buffs!