6th Edition

Welcome back to our Hidden Gems series, your ultimate destination for unearthing the hidden treasures of the cannabis world. With such an extensive menu, we understand how easy it is to overlook the gems hiding in plain sight. Today, we invite you on another journey to explore the most underrated and overlooked products on our menu that deserve your attention.

While the allure of top-shelf bud is undeniable, don't sleep on the lesser-known budget-friendly brands that pack a punch in potency. Priced at just $93.95 per ounce, the Pepe - 11 Week Pink strain has consistently tested at 30% THC or higher. This Indica-dominant hybrid boasts “aromas of butterscotch and coffee with doughy undertones”, reminiscent of other pink kush varieties you may have tried. As one of Canada’s top strains, experiencing this high potency profile for a fraction of the price of other brands is truly a pleasure.

Pepe - 11 Week Pink

If Sativa is more your speed but you're still on the hunt for a deal, we highly recommend trying out the new Versus - BC Green CRK, currently priced at $86.95 per ounce. This potent cross between Skunk #1 and Afghangi is a legacy favorite known for its invigorating mental buzz. The Green CRK strain offers notes of mango, citrus, and earthy sweetness, making it the perfect daytime buzz to stave off midday fatigue.

Versus - BC Green CRK

Now, let's dive into the world of concentrates where potency meets precision. While shatter and diamonds often steal the spotlight, exploring the nuanced profiles of live resin and hash can take your experience to new heights. While their THC percentages may be lower, the higher terpene content offers a spectrum of flavors and effects that are truly unique. Check out the delicious live resin offerings from Greezy made using “single source fresh-frozen flower, snatched right at harvest to lock in all those sweet cannabinoids and terps that make it pop.” Currently available in Black Cherry Funk and Orange Kush CK, these two indica-dominant strains will knock you out!

Greezy - Black Cherry Funk Live Resin

If you’re interested in trying some hash to add to your rolls or toke in your pipe, we would be remiss not to mention the Nugz - Old School Hash lineup. Available in rotating strain blends, Nugz old school hash is “produced using old sieving methods; dry-sifted, gently heated, and pressed into a consistent, sticky, malleable resin to deliver an authentic hash with enhanced levels of purity and rich flavours.” Whether you’re seeking a euphoric or relaxing high, Nugz has you covered.

Nugz - Old School Hash

Cannabis isn't just about recreation; it's also a potent tool for wellness and healing. Explore our range of underrated topical products to promote full-body wellness. Whether you're seeking relief from pain, inflammation, or stress, our selection of topical products offers a natural alternative for holistic healing.

Our LivRelief line of topicals offers some of the most potent infusions of THC and CBD for maximum relief. Using Delivra™ transdermal technology, enabling deep penetration, quick skin absorption and controlled release of active ingredients directly to the target area. The creams are made with plant-based, natural ingredients with a mild, botanical scent.” Specifically formulated with sore joints in mind, these products are perfect for subduing daily aches and pains and keeping you on the move!

LivRelief - Transdermal 1:1 Cream

That wraps up this edition of Hidden Gems! Here at The Peace Pipe, we're passionate about curating the finest selection of cannabis products to cater to every taste, preference, and desired use. We believe cannabis can be a tool to enhance your daily life, and we want to share that with you! Stay tuned for the next installment of our Hidden Gems series, where we continue to explore the hidden treasures of the cannabis market. Until then, happy exploring, Puff Buffs!