For those whose tolerance has surpassed the effects of traditional flower, concentrates are the perfect solution. In this instalment of Highly Rated we are shining the spotlight on the OG’s of extraction, Endgame. Forming as an underground collective in 2012, Endgame’s founders were pioneers on a mission to create the best cannabis extracts available. This drive and connection to their legacy roots have given them a significant edge amid the surge of other entities seeking to dominate the concentrate category in the legal market. As Endgame aptly puts it, “While the suits were looking for their corporate funding and paying lobbyists, we were cooking in the lab, honing the craft, and serving up extracts for real heads.” Join us as we uncover the legacy and innovation behind Endgame's renowned extracts.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

To understand Endgame’s legacy, we must first grasp the essence of their product: cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates or extracts are potent substances made by isolating and extracting the most desirable compounds from the cannabis plant, primarily cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) and terpenes. These concentrates come in various forms and consistencies, each offering a high concentration of active ingredients and delivering a stronger, faster-acting experience compared to traditional cannabis flower. 

Cannabis concentrates or extracts vary widely in their production methods, textures, and potency. Traditional concentrates like hash and hash oil are made using simpler methods, such as sieving or solvent extraction, resulting in crumbly or sticky textures with moderate to high THC levels. In contrast, concentrates like shatter, live resin, live rosin, and diamonds employ sophisticated extraction techniques resulting in more refinement. These advanced methods preserve more terpenes, yielding richer flavours and aromas, and result in very high THC concentrations.

Endgame Origins

Before cannabis was legal and concentrates were mainstream, Endgame was plotting to change the game. Today, Endgame has garnered a reputation coast to coast for quality, authenticity, and consistency. From the chunkiest diamonds to the terpiest wax, Endgame’s product line-up is impressive. Below, we present a breakdown of some of the most sought-after extract products from Endgame, conveniently available here at The Peace Pipe.

Endgame Diamonds

Astro Pink Diamonds

Extracted from the legendary Vancouver Island Pink Kush, Endgame selected this input for its renowned sweet, gassy, terp profile as well as its hard-hitting potency. These drier diamonds are incredibly versatile as they can be dabbed alone, combined with sauce, or rolled into flower joints to add fuel to the fire. This delightful profile complements any accompaniment, making it one of our top recommended diamond selections featured on our menu.

Fruit Sauce on the Rocks

Like a delish cocktail at the end of your workday, Endgame’s diamond and sauce products get you where you want to be. Their Fruit Sauce on the Rocks has become a customer favourite for its vibrant, fruity burst of flavour. Expect chunky diamonds dripping in a bath of terp-loaded sauce. The genetics used in this full-spectrum experience constantly rotate to keep things fresh, and keep you coming back for more!

Alien Godfather Diamonds n’ Sauce

A brand new edition of Endgame’s Diamonds n’ Sauce lineup: Alien Godfather. Expect their signature chunky THCA diamonds drenched in terp-loaded sauce that emanates fuel and fruit aromas. For the heads that appreciate a gas-forward profile that’ll send you shooting for the stars. As with all of their diamond offerings, these can be dabbed alone or rolled up with premium flower for a true cannasseur experience.

Endgame Concentrates

Loud Live Resin

The only way to describe Endgame's Live Resin is LOUD. This premium dab is the perfect balance of high-THC and intense taste. Endgame utilises fresh-frozen (or “live”) cannabis straight from harvest to preserve the true flavour of the plant before extracting. In Endgame’s words “What's left is a dab so LOUD, we should have rated it in decibels.” For those who don’t understand how terps affect your high, this live-resin will make it LOUD and clear. The high terp count creates a potent entourage effect, boosting you to new heights.

Platinum Jelly Shatter

Platinum Jelly is a delicious powerhouse shatter expertly extracted at subzero temps. An instant classic with a golden, glassy, finish that balances potency and flavour. Expect fruity, diesel notes with a subtle haze base. Shatter is incredibly easy to work with and often what we recommend using when you’re a novice at dabbing. Additionally it is great to crumble and add as a bowl topper.

Endgame Vapes

Endgame has introduced a range of premium vape cartridges and G-Pod disposable vapes to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. For those who prefer not to invest in a dab rig setup or who often consume on-the-go, Endgame's vape cartridges are designed with you in mind. Crafted with precision using high-quality extracts and hardware, these vapes maintain the full spectrum benefits of their concentrates. The result is a vaping experience that captures the essence of dabbing without the hassle. 

Açai Blxst Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge / Disposable

The winner of Endgame's Winter 2023 in-house selection from 26 competing flavours, Açai Blxst, is something special. Formulated with a potent mix of single-source live resin and combined with a perfect blend of distinctly sweet yet slightly sour acai berry botanical terps. This is a profile you can keep returning to again and again. Live resin on the go never tasted so good.

Mosa x Blood Orange 510 Thread Cartridge / Disposable

Endgame's top-selling vape nationwide. Mosa x Blood Orange is a sativa-dominant 510 vape that delivers a refreshing and uplifting experience. Its citrusy orange and sweet mimosa terp profile is smooth and flavorful, and its high THC content provides a stimulating and energising experience. Crafted for those looking for a burst of creativity and focus, this classic cartridge is a surefire hit.

Hard Hitters | MosaZ Liquid Diamond 510 Thread Cartidge

The Hard Hitters lineup is remixing Endgame’s classics, and bumping the THC up another notch. Pure THC Diamonds mixed with a tasty terp blend inspired by blood orange, fruit punch, and fuel to deliver some of their hardest-hitting carts to date. MosaZ is a blend of some of Endgame’s favourite exotic terps and inspired by some of their most popular cart flavours. Winner of the summer 2023 Endgame in-house selection - MosaZ is a guaranteed banger.

For these and all of the other outstanding Endgame products not listed here, explore Endgame on our Dutchie menu online and in-store. From one OG to another, Endgame is honouring the legacy era with pride. Their relentless pursuit of crafting the most exotic, terpy, high-THC extracts has solidified their status as the true MVPs of this game. We tip our hats to you, Endgame! You are officially Highly Rated!