One of the LPs we can’t give enough praise is Tribal. Coming from the Cannara Biotech (Quebec) Inc., portfolio that includes our other favs Nugz and Orchid CBD, Tribal has been consistently producing craft quality cannabis at affordable prices. Tribal attributes their pheno-hunting and top-shelf genetics to their success, and we have to agree - these strains taste, smell, and look amazing. 

All of the Tribal flower options are hang dried, slow cured in curing barrels, and hand trimmed for final packaging in air-tight tin cans for ultimate freshness. As budtenders we also absolutely love that their cannabis strains carry over into the full-spectrum extract and live-resin 510 cartridges they produce. For those who consume both flower and concentrates, the seamless transition between products is really enjoyable as it ensures a predictable experience every time. 

We thought we would highlight a selection of the Tribal strains we have available at The Peace Pipe: 

Cuban Linx

One of our best sellers in our Sativa dominant flower selection, Cuban Linx packs a punch in both flavour and THC. With its refreshing lemony aroma and diverse terpene profile this flower will lend to an energetic, cerebral high. A great choice for creatives and those looking for a stimulating experience. In Tribal’s own words “Cuban Linx was bred by crossing TK Skunk and Trigerian...With both parents being elevated in THC, it is no surprise that Cuban Linx provides a euphoric and full-bodied high”.

We carry Cuban Linx in flower (3.5g), pre-rolls (5 x 0.6g), and a 1g full spectrum extract or live-resin vape cartridge.

Gelato Mint

Gelato Mint is the first flower of the Tribal lineup we got in stores and we’ve been hooked ever since. Gelato Mint is a well-rounded Indica dominant strain that is suitable for any time of day promoting feelings of relaxation without the serious burn out. Gelato Mint’s distinct terpene profile provides an intense freshness, as its name suggests a mint dessert flavour with “pepper notes and earthy pine undertones.”

We carry Gelato Mint in flower (3.5g), pre-rolls (5 x 0.6g), and a 1g full spectrum extract or live-resin vape cartridge.

Triple Burger

For those looking for that gas, you’re going to love Triple Burger. “Triple Burger is bred by back-crossing (GMO x GMO) to stabilise the strain, then crossing that linage with Han-Solo Burger. (Larry OG X GMO Cookies).” This is a funky, skunky Indica dominant strain and its intense fuel aroma is matched by an equally strong gas flavour when smoked. This is that strain that is reminiscent of burnt rubber and is the perfect strain to chill out with when you’ve been spinning your wheels all day. 

We carry Triple Burger in flower (3.5g), pre-rolls (5 x 0.6g), and a 1g full spectrum extract or live-resin vape cartridge


If you are in the market for a sweet, exotic profile Tribal’s new addition Jigglers might just be your new obsession. This strain combines the creamy berry fuel of the Gelato parent with the extra special sweetness of the Red Pop strain. Jigglers has a full bodied, tart fruity flavour and sweet aroma to invigorate the senses. With Limonene as one of the top terps present we would recommend this strain to anyone looking for an energising, mood enhancing high. 

We currently only carry Jigglers in flower (3.5g), but check back with us for other products coming soon!

Power Sherb

Another pungent, exotic strain from their line-up is Power Sherb an Indica dominant strain bred from crossing Sherb x Cookies & Cream IX3. In Tribal’s own words,

“Power Sherb is silky smooth on the exhale and evokes a truly unique smell and taste of spicy berries and guava. Don’t let those full-bodied aromas fool you, there’s dark and pungent undertones that any great cannabis cultivar should have, reminiscent of a skunk, perhaps a cheese.”

We love bold, powerful, and funky flavour profiles, and Power Sherb has it all! 

We carry Power Sherb in flower (3.5g), pre-rolls (5 x 0.6g), and a 1g full spectrum extract or live-resin vape cartridge. We were also just told by our lovely Tribal representative that Tribal is coming out with Power Sherb, Galactic Rntz and Terple strains in OZ bag formats! 

The Tribal Kodo Pro 510 vape battery also just landed at The Peace Pipe, the perfect accessory for your new Tribal cartridge! Currently available in the Cuban Linx colourway the Tribal Kodo Pro has all of the traditional features of the original Kodo Pro, but now with that Tribal flair. USB-C recharge, OLED Display, puff counter, 1.8-4.2v, 10 second pre-heat, and no magnetic adapter needed. Pocket sized for on the go use. We’ve already copped ours - come get one for yourself!

For more information on all available Tribal products, check us out in store or explore our menu! Until next time puff buffs!