We have now entered December, or as I like to call it, Limited Edition month! With Christmas right around the corner, a lot of companies use this time to release some limited-edition products to the masses. Most of the time they just re-release an old product, with a catchy new holiday name, but this year there’s actually some legit stuff hitting the shelves.

I enjoy edibles at any time of year but I feel like I get into them a lot more around Christmas time. It’s tough not to overindulge this time of year. There are holiday treats everywhere and people stuffing their faces in every direction; not to mention the surround sound of pints being cracked every two minutes. That type of scene just screams edibles to me.

Sometimes when I take edibles around other people I don’t always blend into the crowd, however, at Christmas time, with people getting tipsy to the max, I find I don’t stand out at all when I’m high which puts me into a nice comfort zone for the evening. I know most of the drinkers are going to be loud and louder, sticking out like sore thumbs, which eliminates my paranoia of being high around my anti-cannabis family members (I still have to arrange a blood test ‘cause I swear I’m not be related to these weird people).

I’m usually a gummies guy, when I get into edibles, but during the Christmas holidays I find myself getting into the chocolate …a lot of it. This year, the Milk Chocolate Ginger Bread Truffles by Edison are really catching my eye. Those will likely be on the top of my list for this year. I don’t eat truffles any other time of year so these will be the perfect edible for me to bring home this Christmas.

Eggnog is not really my thing but I am a big fan of white chocolate so I’m going to have to try the new White Chocolate Eggnog bar from Back Forty. It’s more of a square piece than it is a bar but White Chocolate Eggnog square piece just doesn’t have the same ring to it …I knew you’d understand.

Sticking with white chocolate, my favourite kind of chocolate, There’s also a Candy Cane White Chocolate edible from Bhang. It’s basically a white chocolate square with pieces of candy cane throughout …and of course a nice infusion of THC in there as well. 

Big Larry is not all about the white chocolate though, I also like my cookies and milk. This holiday season, Slow Ride Bakery has released a Festive Sprinkle Sugar Cookie that I can’t wait to try …I might even leave a few out for Santa (it’s not like he has to drive or anything; that magic sled pretty much flies itself). As for dunking the cookies, unfortunately nobody has come out with an infused milk beverage yet, but that’s ok, I found a way around that by using THC Dissolvable Powder from Ripple; flavourless, tasteless, powder that you can add to any glass of milk …or anything else for that matter.

I keep talking about premade treats but with these Dissolvable Powders, you can make anything an edible. Do you make a bunch of baked goods for the holidays? Add some THC powder. Making a dish to bring to Christmas dinner? Add some THC powder. Want to partake in an adult beverage but you’re not an alcohol drinker? Add some THC powder to your alcohol-free drink …it’s that simple!

Speaking of alcohol though, I’ve got something else for you if those powders aren’t your thing. Sometimes it’s not about the alcohol at all; sometimes it’s just about being a part of a particular social setting; and, as a non-drinker, it’s just not the same watching the World Junior Hockey Championships or your favourtie holiday movie with a bottle of soda in your hand while everyone else is cracking pints. I don’t care about the alcohol at all, I just feel a little left out during those holiday moments.

Not this year though! This year, Molson-Coors and Hexo have partnered up to make a drink that looks and taste very similar to beer, called Mollo …and it’s spectacular. Mollo comes in regular or lime flavour and the amber stubby bottle it comes in makes it look (and feel) like you’re holding a legit bottle of beer; it even makes that familiar ‘hiss’ sound when you open the top. Non drinkers rejoice is all I have to say about Mollo.

Edibles are great and all but Big Larry still needs his cannabis. Yes, everything I already mentioned is infused with cannabis but I’m talking herb, bud, flower, weed, ganja, that sticky icky icky!! This holiday season I’m loading up on the Fruit Cake dried flower from Natural History and the Milk & Cookies pre-rolls from Seven Leaf …and I don’t even think I need to explain why I chose those strains.

The Milk and Cookies is obviously already rolled up but I’ll need something for the Fruit Cake. I’m usually a bong guy but that can be pretty hard to pull off at someone else’s house so I usually grab some Juicy Jay’s to roll up with. There’s dozens of Juicy Jay Flavours to choose from but this time of year, I’m only using their Candy Cane papes. So good.

That’s what I’m bringing home with me this holiday season but I’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of holiday themed products you can get at the Peace Pipe. Check out our YouTube channel for some more holiday ideas and for a closer look at the some of the stuff I just mentioned!