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How to Relax with Cannabis

I've always been a big fan of the tub and a glass of wine but lately I've traded in my alcohol and Epsom salts for cannabis. No, I'm not hotboxing my bathroom living out some mid-life crisis, (my bathroom reno was too expensive for that). I've actually started using the cannabis infused topicals and CBD beverages. I find they add a little tingle to my regular routine and push me into relaxation mode way faster.

THC in general is known for its laid-back affects, however coming home to get high no longer jives with the responsibilities of my personal life. Don't get me wrong, I still share an occasional puff with friends, but day to day I prefer CBD. I like the calming sensation, especially when I drink a CBD infused sparkling beverage. I enjoy them so much I've started using them as a substitute for alcohol in some of my favorite cocktails. Like the Sangria for example, A sparkling CBD beverage, non-alcoholic wine, a splash of orange juice and some fruit to garnish. It's relaxation in a glass and I never wake up with a hangover.

There's no question having a warm bath is one of life's simple pleasures which is why I'm a big fan of the cannabis infused bath bombs. They come with different milligrams of CBD or THC and are available in a range of fragrances. I can't say that I prefer one over the other but I do find that if my body is exhausted from the day, throwing an infused bath bomb in really helps and extends that body relaxing feeling even after I've left the tub.

Relaxing with cannabis doesn't have to be some big production, it can be as simple as applying a lotion to your hands and feet. Almost everyone I know has a horde of half used lotions stashed somewhere. I have a bottle in my car, purse and filing cabinet at work. I use them daily to combat dry skin but cannabis lotions are slightly different. They do everything that a regular lotion does while also providing some type of soothing affect. They come in a variety of styles such as face creams, body lotions and massage oils. I treat them more like Spa lotions and I highly recommend applying them to your shoulders and feet after an evening shower.  

If you are thinking about trying a cannabis infused product, I would start by picking something that you can substitute into your regular routine. Below is a list of products that I like to recommend and if you have a few favourites, let us know next time you're in.

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