Infused Beverages

Infused beverages have been at The Peace Pipe for a while now but until recently, I’ve been avoiding them like the plague. Big Larry’s tolerance is not little and with the drinks being capped at 10mg of THC per beverage, I never really saw a point in buying one. Yes, I could have just bought one to sip and enjoy but I assumed they wouldn’t taste that good and thought it would just be a waste of money …I was wrong. So, so, wrong.

Not only do the drinks taste good but I could feel the effects from the cannabis as well, which was shocking to me as my tolerance is through the roof …another example of how tolerance doesn’t mean much; sometimes you just have to switch up the way you’re doing things. 

I like to keep a drink in my hand when I’m at parties and holiday functions so with Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up, I really wanted to tried the Mollo drinks. I don’t know about you guys but there’s only so many Coca-Colas I can down in a night without my stomach turning but other than water, there’s usually not that many good options for a non-drinker …enter the Mollo. 

The Mollo drinks were created in a (silent) partnership between Hexo and Molson-Coors and are pretty spot on to drinking a normal beer. Of course, there isn’t any alcohol in these drinks but the malt, barley and hops, as well as the stubby old school bottle it comes in, would have you second guessing that; I was really impressed with these drinks …I just wish I could buy more than five bottles at a time without going over my 30-gram limit (insert shaking fist emoji here).

The next drink I tried was the Strawberry Kiwi Sparkling Beverage from PHRESH. Delicious. I really liked the taste and consistency of this one. I see myself drinking the Mollo at a party or something, to fit in with the beer drinkers, but the Strawberry Kiwi I could drink at home, any day of the week; it was that good. The taste wasn’t overpowering but it was definitely there. It reminded me of a flavoured sparkling water mixed with a bit of juice …I liked it a lot. It was carbonated but the fizz wasn’t that heavy so if I wanted to chug or take big swigs, I could easily do so without issue.

With a cap of 10mg of THC per beverage, I wasn’t expecting much from these drinks in terms of feeling the effects but I certainly felt them. It wasn’t a knockout blast of cannabis or anything but I was feeling really good. It put me into a nice zone for a solid three plus hours; I felt social and confident (no party paranoia) at the gathering I was attending, with a nice body buzz that had me feeling calm and relaxed. The beverages were a perfect addition my evening. 

Now, I’m going to be honest with you. Had I just drunk the drink by itself, I’m not sure I would have felt those same effects or not. Basically, I didn’t change my Friday routine before heading out to the holiday function. I hit a dab after work, smoked a blunt and I hit my vape on the front porch before going inside.

However, with that being said, three hours and just two cannabis drinks into the party, I was feeling like I had just stepped outside to smoke a huge fatty …and I think that’s my biggest takeaway from the drinks; on their own, they might not do much for someone like me, but combined with my regular cannabis routine, they allowed me to maintain my high for the next few hours. This is perfect if you’re going somewhere where you can’t keep smoking, like a family function, out for dinner, sporting event …midnight mass. They’re even good when you’re blogging. 

So, in conclusion, Big Larry is now a big fan of cannabis infused beverages. I’m going to bring some Mollo to all the Christmas and New Year functions I attend but I think the next drink I’ll try will be the Keef sodas. These things just arrived a few weeks ago but are already flying off the Peace Pipe shelves; as soon as they’re back in stock, I’m all over the root beer one …or maybe the orange. It will be tough to decide between those two but you know what they say, when you can’t decide, get ‘em both!!