I’m used to people asking me about cannabis but over the last few weeks, I keep hearing about Kratom. I’ve heard of Kratom before, it’s not like I’m just hearing it for the first time; I’ve just been hearing it a lot more lately and still don’t know exactly what it is …and have had zero desire to know.

Until now. Lately I’ve been a little curious to know what it is …just a little. Why are people inquiring so passionately about it and why are they sounding like they can’t live without it and must have it now? …what the heck is this stuff? Well, I googled it and it’s just an herb. An herb that is not legal for human consumption in Canada. I’ve already lost my interest.

I’ve made it this far though so I might as well keep searching Google. The more I search the more I think this Kratom stuff is just a wannabe cannabis plant. It’s listed as a “supplement that is sold as an energy booster, mood enhancer, pain reliever and antidote for opioid withdrawal” …sounds like a placebo.

None of the studies on its effects have ever been proven so it’s all he said, she said when it comes to Kratom; he says this, she says that, while him and her both say something else. There is zero consistency with the effects people claim to have had with this herb. Their described effects aren’t even similar, which makes me skeptical in itself.

With Cannabis, people feel different effects too but at least those effects are usually along the same lines from person to person. Or, two different people had the same effects but they were not the desired effects for both people. For example, one person really enjoyed how mellow and relaxed they felt while the other didn’t like that it took away their energy and made them a bit tired. Same Effects.

With Kratom though, it doesn’t seem to be like that at all. Each experience I read about seems to be a 180 from the previous one. It makes no sense to me. How can this be possible? …it’s not. So, then what’s happening here and why does this small group of Kratom lovers think it’s working?

I have one theory. Have you ever given a few non-alcoholic drinks to someone but told them there was alcohol in them? They act like they’re buzzed right? That’s what I think is happening with Kratom …and I don’t get it. If you’re going to use an herb, use one with a proven track record; one that has consistent testimonials and studies to back it up. An herb that is legal and celebrated here in Canada … Cannabis, anyone?