Micro's work with glass is a tip of the hat to the side-scrolling video games of the 1980's. One can usually expect to see his work decorated with miniature layered scenes and bright line work. These scenes are populated with all sorts of tiny glass picture canes called murrine. Months are spent preparing the tiny images, which form a layered, 3d mosaic. A limited amount of the "slices" of these images are even sold to collectors as a single image.

Micro is a mostly self-taught glassblower, and makes his home in the industrial city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He lives and works in a renovated school which contained a commercial kitchen that has been repurposed into a spacious glass studio. Although he started making glass over 14 years ago, the last few years have shown a huge explosion in the demand for his work. His pipes have been featured in top end gallery shows all over the world in places like Kobe, Japan, New York, and Los Angeles.  

He also spends a good deal of time teaching others his techniques in workshops and seminars, including a new online learning system for glassblowers. And despite an overall preference to hide out and work in his studio, he has competed in several team and solo glassblowing competitions all over the world.

In his free time Micro spends time with his wife Jaime and son Nico, hosts late night soirees, races a VW Corrado sponsored by glass industry companies and hosts a slot car league in his home.

Source: https://microsworkshop.bigcartel.com/about-micro