We Love Smoking Moms

Mothers are awesome, especially in the cannabis industry. No, I'm not talking about moms who smoke pot, although they are pretty awesome too, I'm talking about Mother marijuana plants.

Have you ever looked at a cannabis seed selection on-line and wondered why the word "feminized" keeps coming up? This is because feminized seeds are extremely important in cannabis cultivation. In fact, female/feminized plants are the only plants in the marijuana family that produce buds. When a package of seeds says feminized, it means that all the seeds are guaranteed to be female. For many, this is one less thing to worry about when growing. Producing buds isn't the only thing that a female can do. Females can also produce offspring by a process called cloning. When a female cannabis plant is exceptionally grown, she is often cloned through clippings that make little replicas of her. These clones carry her genetics and pass on specific qualities. Once a female plant is cloned, she is called a Mother.

So, what happens when a seed is not feminized?

When a seed is not feminized it runs the risk of becoming a male plant. Male plants, if kept within a certain range of females will pollinate them, turning their buds into seeds. Like all living things, nature has designed this mechanism to protect the species from becoming extinct.

A male plant if grown outside can pollinate a female from quite a distance, this is why it's always good to tend to your crops and deter this from happening. Male plants are not all bad though. They're arguably one of the most useful plants on earth. This is because male plants are actually Hemp.

The fibers that are made from them are super strong and can be processed into so many useful things such as paper, plastic and rope. When blended with other fabrics, hemp can be softened and made into clothing. If you ever want to know about the quality of hemp fabric, talk to someone who has owned a pair of hemp socks. Guaranteed they bought them 2 decades ago and guaranteed they still boast about wearing them today.

These Mother's and Father's of the Cannabis industry have done wonder for the medical and environmental communities. So as you're celebrating or thinking of your parents this Mother and Father's Day, don't forget to give a nod, or a puff, to these Mothers and Fathers of cannabis.