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There’s not many days Big Larry has circled on the calendar. There’s maybe a few birthdays, usually Christmas, obviously April 20th, and of course, National Bubba Day; one of my favourite unofficial holidays!

What is National Bubba Day you ask? Comedian James “T. Bubba” Bechtol founded National Bubba Day to celebrate everyone who is called Bubba. This day was initially observed on May 1. However, soon it was moved over to June 2 to honor his wife. Bechtol himself passed away in December of last year, 37 years after he first started using the nickname, Bubba.

There are over 50 million people worldwide who refer to themselves as Bubba. a lot of people, Big Larry included, took it upon ourselves years ago to use this day as an excuse to celebrate all things D. Bubba 😊

Bubba Kush and Death Bubba (D.Bubba) are two of the most asked for types of cannabis on the market. They hit hard and taste delicious, which makes them an easy choice for newbies as well as season veterans who know their smoke. They are both on Big Larry’s list of go-to strains. 

Now that you know bit of the history involved with National Bubba Day, and a bit about the Bubba cannabis, it’s time for Big Larry to introduce you to all the Bubba’s in his life, as well as the many different ways that you celebrate Bubba Day on June 2nd.

Bubba is very versatile and there are lots of ways to enjoy it. There’s Bubba BluntsBubba CartsBubba Vapes,Bubba ShatterBubba Kush …there’s 3-pack pre-rolls, 10-pack pre-rolls and 5-pack blunts.

When you think about it though, Bubba can be enjoyed in many different ways. You can smoke it, you can grow it, you can drink it …you can put in a bong.

Anyways, like I was saying, Bubba is the fruit of the sea. You can pipe it, you can dab it, you can vaporize it …you can grind it, you can pack it, you can roll it …and that, that’s about it.