OGEN; Superior Craft Cannabis

We're excited to see OGEN cannabis items in our dispensaries! A company dedicated to providing the highest quality flower, their items are at the top of our recommendations list. A few things really set their company apart from other cannabis growers. A huge amount of care and cautious consideration is taken every step of the way through their growing process.

They were super environmentally cautious with the design of their half-quarter containers. Unlike many companies their packaging is designed to seamlessly fit the amount inside. While limiting waste the seal is calculated to provide an air-tight fit and lock in moisture. Less room for product equals less room for air within the container- making it perfect for reuse with your other cannabis!

The Growing Process

Starting off with phenotype cultivation OGEN chooses classics and exotic strains meaning their products are always sure to impress! Choosing plants with only the best genetics plays a huge role in OGEN only releasing top quality bud. Once the perfect mother plants are chosen its time for the cloning process. Clones are carefully monitored and placed individually in climate-controlled domes where they can be prepped for moving into grow rooms. Plants with uniform roots, nodes and leaves pass the test of optimal growing capability and are moved into their “veg rooms” for the last step of growing.

Cultivars are grown in small batch rooms so that every growing condition can be monitored precisely and tailored to fit specific plant needs. They receive ample attention, and each individual plant is tended to on a regular basis. OGEN’s grow-facility is built to the highest standard, top of the line lighting, temperature control and air circulation give plants the perfect growing conditions. Growing hydroponically in rockwool provides the cultivars with an abundance of moisture and permits growing space for the roots.

Each meticulously planned step combined with the love and abundant attention of employees contributes to the high caliber flower they offer. No shortcuts are taken during the drying, curing, and trimming procedures at OGEN. Plants are hang dried in a cool, dark room with optimal ventilation. This method lets moisture slowly evaporate from the plants while sustaining terpenes, trichomes and flavonoids. Trimming is important to the overall finish of the bud and the smoking experience it will provide. A good trim will preserve trichomes and deliver a smoother hit. The last step in their process is slow curing. Sealing trimmed flower in airtight bags that are opened regularly let fresh air in lets buds dry right to the core.


All the additional precautions, passion and care applied to their growing strategy truly shows through with the quality of their bud. Their cannabis is top-notch and is sure to impress cannabis connoisseurs with the highest of expectations. With pricing at our Newmarket and Oshawa locations being only 37.95 for a half- quad you really can’t go wrong giving them a try. We're hyped to have all of their strains available in our stores! The Early Glue RBX1 #15, Gas Berries #112 and Lemon Z #42 are all equally impressive.