Perusing Through Our Pre-Roll Selection

With over 600 pre-roll options available at The Peace Pipe we thought we would break down some of our most popular varieties, in both brand and package style. The popularity of pre-rolls has exploded and with so many options it can be hard to choose. We know each person is looking for something to suit their individual needs and that’s why we’re here to help.

The 2 for 1 Deal

Gone are the days where a gram costs $10 flat, but for those looking to get a deal of that sort we always suggest the selection of 2x1g pre-roll varieties, as they are often priced right around that $10 mark. That means no matter how you slice it you’re getting 2 grams for just over $10. For the consumer looking for a deal, this is it!

Brands to look for:

Buddy Blooms, Dime Bag, Fuego, Hiway, Stunnerz, Super Toast, Thumb’s Up

Thumb’s Up - Indica Pre-Rolls

Pack a Day

Those who find the 0.5g joints too much to smoke at once may enjoy our 10x0.35g preroll varieties. These pre-rolls are considered “slims” and have been referred to as “cigarette style” as they are open ended and not hand-twisted at the end. Coming in small box packs they are very convenient for on the go. 

Brands to look for:

Back Forty, Best Kind, Cali Slims, Harts, Kolab Project, OHJA, Redecan

Redecan - Redees

Bulk Packs

We have recently brought in quite a few bulk pre-roll packs for those looking to stock up. Bigger is always better right? Consider buying these during our Saturday pre-roll sale for an additional 10% off an already great deal!

Brands to look for:

Fraser Valley, OHJA, Redecan, Weed Me, Versus

Versus - Jar of Js

Variety Packs

For those who find it hard to choose or see variety as the spice of life, our taster packs are an excellent option as you get to try a little bit of everything. We carry variety packs in both our standard and infused preroll selections. A great choice if you are buying for someone and you are not sure what strains they prefer. 

Brands to look for: 

General Admission, Good Supply, Level Up, Potluck, Station House, The Loud Plug, Thinker, Vox Pops, Woody Nelson

The Loud Plug - Terp Gush Rainbow Pack

Infused Pre-Rolls

Our selection of infused pre-rolls really pack a high THC punch. Infused pre-rolls can be filled with various concentrate types such as distillate, live-resin, diamonds, hash, and are often dusted with kief. Infused pre-rolls are designed for consumers who have an extremely high tolerance, so keep that in mind before indulging. 

It is worth mentioning that infused pre-rolls should be lit completely with an even cherry and inhaled with a shallow draw. Inhaling too deeply can cause the concentrate to clog making the pre-roll not pull or go out completely. 

Brands to look for: 

BOXHOT, Countryside Cannabis, Dab Bods, Debunk, General Admission, Good Supply, Litti, Rad, Shatterizer, Tasty’s, Versus, Vox Pops

Countryside - Honey Oil Infused PR