Sleeper Picks

It’s been a great year for cannabis; so many new strains have been coming out lately; it’s tough to smoke ‘em all …but believe me, I’m trying! 

I’ve been talking a lot about classic strains lately but this week I want to focus on some of the lesser-known strains; strains that you may not recognize to hear and ones that you might have skipped over, simply because of low expectations. I like to call these, my “sleeper picks”. 

I like to try strains that fly under the radar, so to speak. If the lineage sounds interesting, I’ll usually check it out. I’m also a big sucker for bag appeal. If I can see the outline or lump of what I think is going to be a huge nug, I’m buying that bag every single time, no matter what the strain is (what can I say; I like big nugs and I cannot lie).

I’ve been trying everything lately, with no expectations whatsoever, while coming across some gems. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t all gold and I certainly found some duds, but those were few and far between and for this blog I’m just going to focus on the ones I did like; my “sleeper picks” as I like to call them (not because they put you to sleep but because they fly under the radar and people have been sleeping on them …just to be clear).

These picks are in no particular order but the first one I’m going to mention is the Purple Punch from Table Top. This one blew me away in terms of quality and price. A few nice size nugs inside the bag but what really got my attention was the nice purple colour throughout. I’m not going to be reviewing the effects of these strains or how they smoked (to each their own so I’ll let you figure out how they make you feel) but I will say I really enjoyed the smoothness of this one and the sedative high I got.

Apple Fritter by Delta 9 is another one I really enjoyed. Again, for the price the Peace Pipe charges for a 3.5 jar I wasn’t expecting much but once again, I was pleasantly surprised. Nice colourful nugs with a unique smell that greets you upon opening the jar.  I didn’t find this one to be a strong, smack me in the face, type of high but the overall experience was pretty enjoyable and the price point is outstanding

Another fruitier strain that surprised the heck of me was the Wagner’s Cherry Jam. The nugs were big, dense and smelled delicious. Lots of nice crystals coated the colourful bud and the smell intensified when those buds were broken up. Smooth smoke, great taste and an excellent high made this one really stand out for me …def be getting it again.

I don’t know if I can even call my next one a “sleeper pick” anymore because of the steam it’s been picking up lately, but Muel Fuel by Sugarbud is a must try for any terpene lovers out there …or for people who just like very potent and flavourful weed. This pick has a bit of a GMO cookies vibe going on and the garlic was the most predominant scent for me. Again, not the craziest of highs but the overall experience with the taste, smell and smoothness makes this a must try for any cannabis connoisseur.

Now I said these picks were in no particular order but I did save the best for last, my personal favourite anyway, the GSC Kush from Flint & Embers; this stuff blew me away. Big, tight, colourful, nugs that were absolutely caked in crystals. As soon as I opened the jar it was like I could actually see the smell seeping out; it filled the room instantly and stayed there for about two days. It was gassy, it was strong and it was some of the best legal weed I’ve smoked this year …possibly the best. They could charge 50 bucks for a 3.5, and I’d still pay, but this stuff comes in at under 10 bucks a gram somehow and that just blows my mind.

The Peace Pipe carries over 300 strains in-house so I could go on and on here with strains but truth be told, all this talk has me jonesin’ for a dube so I’m going to have to wrap this up here. Check back next week though; I’ll be talkin’ vapes 💨