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Big Larry Blogs

We’re almost at the halfway point of the summer which means I’ve tried almost half of the pre-rolls being sold at the Peace Pipe! I’m kidding; there’s over 150 different pre-roll options available in-store so I still have a way to go …but I’ll get there.

There’s definitely been some standout doobs for me this summer though, including a few that have been added to my regular rotation, but it’s the Carmel pre-rolls that have stood out most for me this summer. I’ve really enjoyed they Animal and Garlic Breath pre-rolls for several reasons.

Let’s start with the packaging. Not that this matters when it comes to the overall experience but the first thing that caught my eye was their bright orange packaging. Inside that package waits three pristinely rolled joints resting safely inside a slick looking glass doob tube that’s been capped with a cork seal. Classy as hell and a big reason why people are being these up …and we haven’t even gotten to the actually pre-roll yet!

The doobs themselves are half gram cones with spiral filters, each one of hand-finished before they’re packaged and sealed. I must say, popping that cork top off the doob tube is super satisfying as the aroma hits your nostrils immediately afterwards. So far these are unlike any other pre-rolls that I’ve messed around with this summer.

When I was finally done drooling, I grabbed my lighter and sparked up the first Animal Face pre-roll …and it went way beyond my already high expectations. I got a nice kushy flavour from it with some hints of gassiness; I thought it was delicious. One of the slowest burns I have experienced from a pre-roll with no canoeing whatsoever.

I thought it so good that I went right back to the Peace Pipe the very next day and bought Carmel’s Garlic Breath, just to see …WOW. The initial smell after popping the cork blasted me hard in the face which set the tone nicely for this session. I burned this pre-roll outside, just to see if the wind would have an impact on that slow and perfect burn …it didn’t.

It was a nice, slow burn once again with zero canoeing; couple that with the unique taste of the Garlic Breath strain and you’ve got one of the best pre-rolls that I have experienced since legalization on October 17th, 2018 …easily in my top 5.

Needless to say, these two pre-rolls are going into my regular rotation, with Garlic Breath playing on frequent repeat …that one really spoke to me. All this talk about Garlic Breath is making drool though so I gotta wrap this up here and go burn one. Come back next week though; I’ll be talking vape carts!

PS. The Peace Pipe just got a new strain called Larry Legendary …I’ve already applied to have my name legally changed to Big Larry Legendary 😉