Summer is long behind us and the cold weather is starting to creep up fast, which means Big Larry won’t be going outside for his nightly post work sesh for much longer. I enjoy a good joint as much as the next person but I don’t enjoy it that much; I think I’d much rather be warm than high …but why not be both!

I much prefer summer but I don’t mind the winter at all; the winter is .510 vape cart season for Big Larry. It’s fast, easy, convenient and delicious …plus I don’t have to roll anything up, I don’t have to put on three pairs of pants, six sweaters, two coats, four pairs of socks or my winter boots to enjoy my vapes in the winter; I just stay on my comfy couch with my warm blanket and all my munchies close by. It’s perfect …as Charlie Sheen once said, I’m winning.

There’s so much variety to choose from with vapes too, it all just depends what I’m looking to do and what kind of mood I’m in. Am I going out or staying in? Am I watching a movie or doing housework? …do I want flavour or do I just want to get messed up. These are all the things I asked myself before I decide on a cart.

If I’m looking for pure flavour, I usually go with Purple Monkey from Good Supply. This cart taste exactly like Grape Crush or the Grape Bubblicious gum that used to be around back in the day. The high from this cart is pretty solid too but it’s the flavour I’m after when I grab this one. The only bad thing about the Purple Monkey is that it tastes too good, which makes me blow through the cart about three times faster than normal.

If I’m looking for flavour and power, I’m bringing a BZAM .510 home with me …both of their strains are out of control good. The Banana Daze tastes exactly like banana runtz candy and the Magic Melon tastes like a fruit salad of honeydew melons, cantaloupe and watermelon; so tasty. Couple that taste with the nice high I get from them and you’ve got two of my favourite vape carts on the market. 

It’s not always about the flavour though, sometimes I like that weedy taste; that’s when I go for a full spectrum vape cart. Full spectrum keeps all the original terpenes and cannabinoids, giving you the plant’s intended flavour profile and effects (regular distillate carts contain pure extracted THC, nothing else from the plant, along with re-introduced terpenes). It doesn’t taste like you’re smoking a joint by any means but it has a fresh weedy taste, if you can imagine that. It’s not overpowering or anything but it’s definitely there.

Those are the carts currently in my regular rotation but there’s one other cart that I sometimes throw in the mix and that’s the CBN cart from Northbound Cannabis. Although I don’t vape them on the regular, I’ve always messed with CBD carts here and there, and I do enjoy them a lot, but when someone told me that CBN is like “CBD on steroids”, I had try it out for myself. The Northbound cart is the first (and possibly still the only) .510 vape cart to contain the CBN cannabinoid so it was an easy choice for what cart to go with. Not going to lie, the taste reminded of that stuff they put on your teeth with a q-tip at the dentist, fluoride I think it is, but the high was very nice and relaxing; I’ve had great sleeps on the nights that I have vaped with this particular cart.

Those are just a handful of my go-to carts but I’m always looking for new ones to try. In fact, just the other day, I picked up the new Rainbow Sherbet cart by General Admission …very tasty. I may keep that one in the rotation, I don’t know yet. What I do know though, is that there’s way too many vape carts out on the market for me to vape them all, but I’m trying. So far, I’ve tried over a hundred carts …so I’m about a 12th of the way there!!