There’s nothing more disappointing than buying a new jar of cannabis, only to discover it’s dry AF.  You'd think that buying something new from a store would mean it's fresh but Cannabis is a consumable product and it does go bad... eventually... kind of... well, it does lose its luster... but it depends on a variety of factors.

Many customers get confused with "Package Date vs Expiry Date".  Since it is not required to put an expiry date on cannabis, customers need to realize that a package date only means the product went into its container on that date. It's not a harvesting date so for all we know it could have dried in a room for months before it was packaged. Containers are slightly deceiving as well. Bags, plastic jars, metal cans and glass containers all keep product fresh for different lengths of time and the biggest factor is how well they seal and how much air they let in. Not being able to handle the package before purchasing can make it difficult to determine its quality.

Our clear-out event has given us an opportunity to find out what some of these older packaged products look like. We've also gained important feedback from customers and fellow staff member as to what they do with cannabis that isn't quite up to standards in terms of its moisture content.

Suggestion #1 - Humidity Pack

These little packs do really work and some Licensed Producers make sure to put one in every container.   These little packs adapt to whatever environment you put them in and release or absorb moisture to ensure optimal humidity.  I once sold an Integra Boost Pack to a guy who was growing cannabis for the purpose of making lotions.  His apartment was horrible at regulating humidity and it was ruining his bud.  Integra Boost was fairly new at the time and we both agreed that because neither of us had any real experience with the product, he should try out one pack with a little product to see if it would work.  He came back the following week and soon became the Integra Boost Guy, buying the packs regularly.  If you're cannabis is a little too dry, try putting it in a jar with a pack.  Who knows, you might like it so much it will become a regular thing ...... unless cannabis never seems to stick around long enough to keep it in a jar.
Suggestion #2 - Vape it

The dry herb vaporizers have really taken a hit since distillates came on the scene.  I mean, why spend all that money when you can get a pre-filled vape at your local dispensary?  There are still a few reasons I recommend having a dried flower vape and dry cannabis is one of them.  The heating options make them more versatile for extracting THC, if it's wet turn it up, if it's dry turn it down.  They really can be used for a variety of consistencies.  Just make sure you don't confuse your dried flower vaporizer with one that is meant for concentrates (shatter, wax etc.).  You'll end up burning the flower or ruining your vape.  There are a few vaporizers that claim to be able to do both but in my experience, they never do both well.  Get a dried flower vape, specifically for your buds and if you like that method of smoking you can always get one specifically for your concentrates.
Suggestion #3 - Experiment with Extracting

Whether you're sifting, making butter, oil, or hash there is one thing that all processeses have in common, drying and chilling. Grinding, drying, decarbing, freezing or introducing a cold process are all combinations that seem to be part of any extracting ritual. If you've ever thought about using a Vape Tool extraction tube or trying a Boldt Bag process, why not do it with something that's already on its way there.  I mean let's face it, all cannabis needs to be dried on some level.  Even the "fresh" buds you look forward to buying each week have to be dried.  The drying process is what transforms the THC and CBD so you'll get high from it.  So, if you're thinking about daring your friend to eat a bud off his plant, all he's going to get is a horrible taste in his mouth and bud in his teeth.
There are so many things you can do with cannabis and the suggestions we've given are just a few tips that can lead you down a rabbit hole of exploration, information and hours of google searches. With the different ways to smoke and extract, our experiences, expectations and tolerances will always vary. No matter the end result, drying is an essential part of the harvesting process so if you get something that might not be as desirable as you want, you may not be as out of luck as you think.