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You Don't Have to Fear Infusion

I'm always amazed at the variety of responses when it comes THC. The range of perceptions goes from positively enthusiastic to downright terrified. I've been working in this industry for over 10 years now and it still amazes me how little we understand about cannabis consumption. Long before legalization, there were headshops. And no, they weren't all patchoulied out stoners, tending to their dreads, wearing tied-dye.

There were many legitimate retailers educating customers on new and innovative methods of consuming cannabis. Having worked in one, I'd always ask people if they were smoking flower or resins, if they were looking for a head rush or a body buzz and if they weren't sure I'd ask them how often they smoked. Selling accessories, I knew that the method of consumption would greatly affect the experience of a person's high.

Now a days it seems like people are looking more and more at THC levels basing their needs on tolerance rather than discussing the effects of how they're going to smoke it. No wonder some people are terrified.

Infused pre-rolls are the hottest thing on the market right now. They are pretty much a mixture of dried cannabis and concentrate, which historically were always treated as 2 different things.The blending of the two products boosts the THC levels and gives concentrate customers yet another easier method to consume.

They're often described as "next level" for people who have built a good tolerance to dried cannabis and who are often too terrified or don't want to start spending the time and money it takes to do a dab. But just because this next level concept is out there, doesn't mean we have to push infused cannabis into a category for the THC elite.

Not being a huge connoisseur myself I decided to ask a few friends with different smoking habits what their thoughts were on the infused products and what advise they would give someone who wanted to try.

Surprisingly they all gave similar answers, none of which were straight forward but instead led the conversation down a rabbit hole of strains, tolerance and forms of consumption.

In a nutshell, before someone decides to rule something out, they should first set out their own personal expectations on the experience they want to have.

Once that is decided a series of questions gaging tolerance levels should help to determine a method and ultimately the right product. Just because concentrates have a higher THC level doesn't mean you can't start your cannabis consuming experience there. I personally love vaping concentrates. It's a more mellow buzz than smoking pot and I enjoy the body buzz of vaping. Doing a dab however..... not a chance. I'll leave that one for the tolerance inclined.

Just like smoking a joint vs hitting a bong, infused pre-rolls allow people to regulate their intake. You don't have to smoke an entire joint. Just a few hits to see how things go is often a better way to experience a high rather than taking a full bong load at once. It's great for the cannabis smokers that want to explore the feeling from concentrates and for newbies, they can regulate their intake just like any other style joint.  

Not matter your method, cannabis tolerance is always going to build on itself. What's a game changer today might not always be one in the future. People should not be afraid to explore, especially in the regulated market. My advice to anyone who is thinking of trying a new form of cannabis is, if you keep an open mind and don't try to overdo it, you're almost always going to have a pleasant experience, and if not, you'll have a great, often hilarious story for the future.