Canadian Lumber

Canadian Lumber | The Greens Pre-rolled Cones (6 Pack)


98mm Cone with 26mm filter

The Greens are made from 100% unrefined, unbleached hemp. The papers are so unrefined that you can see that many fibres are still intact. Hemp naturally absorbs water, making The Greens the slowest burning product in the rolling paper industry.

Canadian Lumber Pre-rolled cones come with an axe printed filter made with soy ink. With a total length of 98mm and a 26mm filter, you have a full 1.25 paper to fill and consume. 
Canadian Lumber rolling papers are all natural, even down to the sustainably sourced Arabic Gum used for the seal. The rolling papers are all unbleached and unrefined, providing a product with visible, intact fibres within each and every paper.