Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder | 4 Piece Medium Grinder


Anodized Aluminum Body and Teeth
Totally Scratch Resistant
Easy Grip Lid
Innovative Multi-cut Tooth Design
Neodymium Magnet Lid Closure 
7-Grip Thread Design
T304 Stainless Steel Screen to Keef Compartment 
Ultrasonically Cleansed 

The Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Pieces Medium Grinders are perfect for any puff buff due to their advanced engineering. The grinder and its teeth are completely scratch resistant due to the anodization, which also prevents galling. The durable teeth are designed to cut both ways causing your bud to "fluff to perfection". With proof of purchase, your new grinder has a lifetime warranty on the teeth through Santa Cruz Shredder!

**Anodized colour coating may vary slightly