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Artist Glass - Peace Pipe 420
Adventures In Glass Blowing - Peace Pipe 420

Adventures In Glass Blowing

Brandon Martin - Peace Pipe 420

Brandon Martin

Bob The Glass Blower - Peace Pipe 420

Bob The Glass Blower

Bob The Glass Blower aka B.T.G.B. is best known for his incredibly detailed and realistically crafted Master Shake and Fetal Yoshi mini dab rigs. His unique style is highly sought after due to the amazing detail and functionality he puts into each piece.

Cameron Reed - Peace Pipe 420

Cameron Reed

Cameron Reed is a glass master based in the US that specializes in line work.

Originally started blowing beautiful glasses and other pieces, but over time he brought his expertise and refined pattern line work into blowing functional art pieces such as bongs and wizard pipes.

His glasswork is characterized by classic shapes covered in pristine line work and clean patterns, a beautiful addition to any collection.

Cap'N Crunk - Peace Pipe 420

Cap'N Crunk

Devin Somerville’s high-end art pipes begin with custom millies that are stacked and assembled into mind-blowing and unforgettable creatures. Also known as Crunklestein, the artist’s take on the ancient Italian technique of millefiore has become his aesthetic signature. Once a process amongst many used by Crunklestein, when friends, fans, and fellow artists came face to face with his colourful, ornate millie pipes, the artist was encouraged to make all of his work using the chip stack technique he developed.

Somerville, aka Cap’n Crunk Glass, resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and produces a variety of dab rig styles, specializing in the mini or tiny tube design. His small dab rigs usually include mini encased millies throughout the neck and body of the piece, while his full-sized incredibly detailed and realistic sculpted oil rigs showcase his unlimited range of talent and creativity.


Carsten Carlisle - Peace Pipe 420

Carsten Carlisle

Chad G - Peace Pipe 420

Chad G

Chad Goodpastor is a primarily self-taught lampworker. The Chicago native began melting glass in late 1995. He has been consistently producing quality glass art, ranging from pipes to pendants, and marbles to bottle stoppers. His craftsmanship is apparent in all of his work.

Drawing inspiration over the years from nature, music, art and life, he has learned most of his technique through experimentation and practice, looking inward for ideas and understanding. Believing change is the first Law of Nature, he enjoys the creative freedom that is offered by the constantly changing medium.

Chad's work has been featured in numerous books and magazines. He has also done gallery shows in the most pristine pipe galleries across the united states.

Chad currently resides in Southern Illinois with his wife and four children. He enjoys the flexibility of an artist's life, as he is actively involved in his children's daily activities.


Coyle Condenser | No Evil Set - Peace Pipe 420

Coyle Condenser

D Zolbert - Peace Pipe 420

D. Zolbert

Doug Zolbert’s work is characterized by his use of encalmo, classically known as Incalmo, which is a Venetian glass blowing technique that involves fusing different glass sections. Encalmo pieces are traditionally worked with several bands of color, stacked on top of each other to create a uniquely heady aesthetic.

Zolbert’s use of colour is also remarkable, his palettes are often a triad or complementary combination of primary colours, arranged in beautiful patterns of thick line work, sometimes accompanied by opal incrustations.

His pieces have an organic feel because of the use of curves in the designs, which combined with the encalmo technique and the colour palettes result in unique pieces with an almost primal feel to them.

Dust Storm Glass - Peace Pipe 420

Dust Storm Glass

Evol Empire - Peace Pipe 420

Evol Empire

Jay Gordon is the man behind the brand, the sole glass blower of Evol Empire has been working glass since the 2000s. Blown out of Illinois, his pieces are limited and crafted to perfection.

“A merge of Scientific Glassblowing and functional components to enhance the evolution of glass” – Jason G.

Fat Boy | Red Fumed Mini Torus - Peace Pipe 420

Fat Boy

Hitman x JAG Collab | Phase 2 Rig (Small Bubbles) - Peace Pipe 420


SMART | Red Rooster Dome - Peace Pipe 420

Jay Smart

KIND - Peace Pipe 420


Max Kind’s pattern work explores themes of natural geometries, waveforms, and theoretical physics. He composes digital patterns that are suspended within sharp lines and dramatic contours. The combination of his isometric patterns along with the elegant classical shapes creates a landscape that echoes of a distant future.

His new work emphasizes the odd separation of rural and urban cultures of today’s world. This concept embodies this depiction of ancient or primitive peoples involved in matters of the present day.


Korey Cotnam | Rainbow Mini Rig - Peace Pipe 420

Korey Cotnam

Born and raised amidst the stunning vistas of Vancouver, British Columbia, Korey found his passion for artistic expression ignited by the natural wonders surrounding him. For the past ten years, he has dedicated himself to mastering his craft behind the torch, drawing inspiration from the rugged mountains and expansive ocean that define his hometown.

Matt Robertson | Classic Old-Skool Bubbler - Peace Pipe 420

Matt Roberson

Micro - Peace Pipe 420


Mike D | Alien Mini Tube - Peace Pipe 420

Mike D.

Migrant - Peace Pipe 420


Niko - Peace Pipe 420


Niko Cray brings some of the most detailed glassworks to the industry.  His snake and shark series is just amazing!

Niko Cray got into blowing glass by his father that has been blowing glass for over 34 years old.  At about 6 years old Niko Cray glass was given his first blow tube.

Niko really looks up to a lot of the forefathers of the industry like Banjo, Marcel and so so many others.  Even the new people just getting into glassblowing are inspiring to Niko Glass.

Niko's favourite glass technique is sculptural art.  He does love sock flips and appreciates the time and skill involved.

Niko Cray has his wife and son that really keep him on his toes, but Banjo really inspires Niko with his amazing work ethic.

When there is some free time you will find Niko glass out riding motorcycles with his son and just trying to raise a good little dude.


Lee Machine - Peace Pipe 420

Lee Machine

Michael Lee a.k.a Lee Machine is an artist glass blower originally from Michigan, now based in NY, he has been working glass for over 17 years.

He’s mostly known for his adorable Yoshi pieces, even though he also does other characters and/or abstract glass sculptures.

Lee Machine works with borosilicate glass.

He often collaborates with Global Glass studio and has been featured in numerous artist glass blower events.

Long Island Glass - Peace Pipe 420

Long Island Glass

P.A. JAY | Worked Black and Purple Beaker Rig - Peace Pipe 420

P.A Jay

All pieces are hand crafted and blown using a torch as the heat source. Then they are carved with different diameter diamond wheels when glass is cool creating the cuts and deep grooves. The pieces are then brought back up to working temperature in a kiln for the final applications in the torch.


Salt - Peace Pipe 420


Steve Sizelove | SS Incycler - Peace Pipe 420


Steve Sizelove flameworks borosilicate glass in his home studio in Richmond, Ind. His works have been shown at the Museum of Art & Design in New York, the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, and the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, among others.

Now residing in Indiana with his wife and three children, Steve
continues to be active in the glass community by participating in exhibitions, gallery talks, and teaching classes at his home studio and other facilities across the U.S. and Canada.


Zach P - Peace Pipe 420

Zach P

Zach Puchowitz is a Philadelphia-based artist/glassmaker. He has been working in glass since 1998. Zach earned his Bachelor’s degree from Tyler School of Art. In 2007 he began transforming the space that would later become Ouchkick Studio. Since then he has been developing his unique style, pushing boundaries and gaining recognition in the glass and art community at large. Most of the illustrations on his art pieces are from his own sketchbook from his college days.

 Zach’s raw aesthetic, with humorous, self-reflective drawings and scribbled thoughts are inspired by daily life, inner psyche struggles, low-brow art, subculture and guys from the neighbourhood.

Zach has exhibited his works with galleries in Philadelphia, NYC, LA, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Amsterdam, Scope Art Fair Miami as well as many other unconventional events and marketplaces.

Zii - Peace Pipe 420


Zombie Hand Studio - Peace Pipe 420

Zombie Hand Studio