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Since our last Highly Rated blog was on our fav BC Black we thought we’d take you from sea to sea and highlight our fav brand out east - Eastcann! Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia the legacy LP Eastcann is consistently bringing out incredible strains in their signature hermetically sealed can format. Their craft product is hang dried, hand trimmed, slow cured, and even hand weighed and packaged. There is an assurance in buying Eastcann that the product you receive will be expertly trimmed and fresh. The effort taken to cultivate high quality cannabis is clear. Our budtenders and customers alike have become huge Eastcann fans, anxiously awaiting their new drops. Speaking of new drops, here are a few new strains you can find on our menu to try for yourself:

The first of the bunch is Tickle Burger, which is a (GMO x Grape Pie) x Double Burger strain with a delicious pungent profile. This indica dominant strain smokes like a true GMO, with strong diesel and herbal notes. The Grape Pie inclusion adds a fruitiness that makes this strain a win for our indica crew. If you’ve ever been a fan of GMO Cookies, this is your ticket.

Another new strain we can't recommend enough is Purple Churro, which is a Cinnamon Horchata x Apples & Bananas cross. Now this is a strain you need to try as we move into the fall season. This craft bud has a faint grape scent with a spicy, fruity taste profile. We would compare it to sangria or spiced cider. This indica dominant hybrid strain is incredibly frosty and will yield lots of kief to enjoy. 

Poison OG is another new potent indica strain which was created for those OG smokers out there. This iconic cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison makes for the perfect old-school smoke. The taste profile is kushy, woody, and earthy. Covered in frosty trichomes this bud is always hitting 30% and beyond.

Lastly, a citrusy strain for our sativa lovers, Lemon Sour Diesel. This cross of Lemon Skunk x Super Lemon Haze is sourced from a 2nd generation cultivar from BC, who has the original 90s genetics passed down to them. This strain is a total blast from the past, so if you’re on the hunt for an old school strain we’d highly recommend picking this up for your next sesh. 

We can’t wait to see what Eastcann brings out next. In their own words Eastcann believes “All patients and recreational consumers deserve enjoyable quality products at affordable prices.” What more can you ask for from an LP? Until next time puff buffs!